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Girl Group Auditions

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location: Detroit

Category: Singers

Girl Group Auditions

Location: Detroit, MI

Wanted: Female aspiring singers age range 15 to 18

Are you a young, aspiring teen who wants to join a group that will not only create and practice songs and music together, but also become part of a sisterhood of girls whose dreams match yours?


If you’d like to join into a girl group of fellow girls 15 to 18 years old who are possibly planning on going to that of the X Factor 2014 (Need time for preparing harmonies and vocals), then just contact me by this email:

What we’ll need for this group is talented, young teenaged girls who DO NOT start drama and also can get along. TOGETHER WE CAN ALL MAKE THE DREAM COME TRUE

Thanks for your consideration! Talk to you soon.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Detroit
Contact email:

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  1. keona' stewart; the group: Famous

    Hi my name is keona’ stewart and my girl group is called famous we are looking for a way to make it. We are all very good singers and all are desperate for a chance because we know we can make it. We would all aprreciate if you gave us a chance. Thank you!


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