ABC now casting a new reality show

By | March 6, 2013

ABC is casting a new reality competition series. The new show will revolve around a mystery… a whodunnit!

Are you a Sherlock Holmes in training with awesome crime solving skills? Do you want to put those skills to the test and maybe a chance to win $250,000 in a new mystery reality competition show? Here is your chance!

ABC is now casting “Whodunnit?” nationwide

Casting directors for the new ABC show are now searching the nation for armchair detectives!

Are you a budding Sherlock Holmes looking to put your amateur crime solving skills to the test? Do you always figure out the ending before everybody else? Have you always seen yourself as the main character in mystery novels? Put those skills to work and compete against others just like you for a quarter million dollars… yes that’s $250,000.00

From the creator of CSI, Anthony Zuiker, and 51 Minds comes a brand new mystery reality competition for ABC. Now casting perceptive problem solvers or anyone who believes they have the mental acuity to go up against other like-minded sleuths for $250,000. This show is for everybody from ex-detectives who’ve solved crimes all their lives, to a mother of three who has to figure out when her children are lying or where they hid her keys.

If you or anyone you know fits the mold of an ASPIRING GUMSHOE then
APPLY today. You MUST be at least 21 years old and a legal US resident to
be eligible.

email include name, age,
brief description of yourself, why you think you would be a great crime
solver and two (2) recent photos. Make the subject line your current city and

Make sure that the photos you include are both current and clear!

3 thoughts on “ABC now casting a new reality show

  1. hannah

    I’m REALLY interested AND available! GIMME a jingle an’ I’ll be there! Whoo-hoo!!!! 8=> (? that looks like a baboon, not a human.) šŸ™‚ (Happy now?)


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