Casting Undercover Reality Show Nationwide

By | May 16, 2019

Undercover Reality Series Casting.

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Undercover Reality Series Casting. PAID!

Want to be a spy on your own life? What do you want to know? Is my friend lying to me? Why did my ex really break up with me? Are my kids spending my money on bad things? Should I make contact with my brother? Should I give my friend my sperm? Tell us your story!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
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This casting notice was posted by: All 3 Media

One thought on “Casting Undercover Reality Show Nationwide

  1. Bob

    Some want to come on your show just for a spotlight and for attention, or maybe, for vanity reasons. Others want to come on with a message or to make a logical point that some of us think needs to be made. There I can agree and go along with it. Others want to come on the show because there are certain issues that affect everybody, and by that I mean our society in general(that’s me)> also, some have issues and cases that they want to capitalize on because of their situations either with their wives, or their situations with work, like getting a pay under the pretense of getting a raise when they didn’t; Not getting called back from a lay-off in the pretense that they did, and what additional consequences some have had to pay for it.(that’s me) And that means a reputation at the expense of having to work overtime without, or not being able to apply for or obtain something in their line of employment where and when any vacancies occur.


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