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Los Angeles, CA
This is a paid job.

“What Was Your Name” is the short story of Sarah (70) a lonely lady with a generous heart as big as Mother Theresa and Rachel (20) a free spirited dreamer who is stranded in an abusive relationship. Strangers to one-another, their lives stories intertwine as they each collide in common tragedy, leading to redemption, hope and fulfilling a life they both hoped for.

CASTING: By invitation only. If selected, we will reply to your submission inviting you to audition in Los Angeles on August 28-29. We encourage all to apply.

$350- Day RACHEL: (20) Female / Any Ethnicity/ Slender. Dressed in pain from the passed. Three months pregnant in an abusive relationship. She finds the strength to fight for a better future despite the painful experiences of present time. Courageous.

$350- Day SARAH: (70) Female/ Slender/Caucasian. Lonely yet filled with life. She is as tender hearted and kind as Mother Theresa.

$100 – 1/4 Day YOUNG-SARAH (20): Female/ Caucasian/ Slender, Long blond hair, emotional, vulnerable and hippy.

$100- 1/4 Day JOHN: (25) Male/Any Ethnicity/Skinned head with body filled with tattoos. Domineering and abusive. When in despair, drinks a beer and smoke a cigarette for breakfast.

$100- 1/4 Day PETER: (30) Male/Any Ethnicity, Clean cut, well tailored young man. Poker face.

$100- 1/4 Day DOCTOR: (50) Any ethnicity. Is compassionate about delivering bad news.

$100- 1/4 Day PASTOR: (50) Any ethnicity. Loves to serve his community.

$100- 1/4 Day RACHEL’s HUSBAND (32) A man’s man. Loves his wife and son.

$100- 1/4 Day RACHEL’s SON (4) Loves his mother

$100- 1/4 Day FREAK (20) Caucasian/average build. A “Stifler” kind of guy.

$100- 1/4 Day MOM (25) Hispanic. Enjoys spending quality time her 5 year old son. She has mastered her “bubble blowing” skills to entertain her son.

$100- 1/4 Day SON (5) Hispanic. Happy and friendly little fella who waves and smiles back at old ladies.

$100- 1/4 Day FAMILY of 4: FATHER (35), MOTHER (35), SON (6), DAUGHTER (4). Any ethnicity. They all love to spend time together and each have their own ways of saying “Cheese” to the camera.

$100- 1/4 Day PHOTOGRAPHER (25) Male/few extra pounds, he knows how to capture the attention of his clients to snap the perfect portrait.

Please submit to before 08/25/13

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  1. Omar Camacho

    would love to be apart of production if provided the opportunity for the role of “Peter” or “John”..seasoned actor, and would love to submit my headshot and resume, thank you.

  2. Chris Finley

    I would like to submit for this audition

  3. Veronica Saryan

    I currently live in Los Angeles and want to start my career as an actress so I hope you can pick me !

  4. Mary Currall

    I’m so excited to submit for this audition opportunity! This production sounds so amazing, and so full of life and emotion. It would truly be a wonderful experience to be a part of it!

  5. Chanel Doss

    Where do we submit to for this audition? Thank you.

  6. Arlene A.

    18 years old, Latina, 5’1, I would love to be apart of this.

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