Actors needed for television show in DC

By | March 20, 2013

Where: Washington DC
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Type: Docu-series

Storyhouse Productions is now casting for a new television series for Discovery ID. Addicted to the Life. The show is primarily filmed in Washington DC.
The Auditions will take place on March 27 and 28th in our office in Georgetown.
We would be happy to meet you for any of the parts listed below. Please contact us at 202.342.1373 (contact Jill or Sarike), email: for scheduling and sides.

Characters to be cast:

EP. 102
1. Nancy Siegel Gender: F Age: 30/40’s Caucasian
A beautiful blonde woman in her thirties. She is headstrong ambitious woman who loves life and is not afraid to go after her goals, no matter who she hurts in the process.

2. Jack Watkins Gender: M Age: 60/70’s Caucasian
An older gentleman. Former military, and handsome.

3. Erik Siegel Gender: M Age: 30/40’s Caucasian
Attractive, wealthy and driven man in his 40’s.

1. Peggy Jo Gender: F Age: 40/50’s Caucasian
An attractive blonde woman in her forties from Texas. Needs to smoke a cigarette.

2. Peggy Jo (teenager) Gender: F Age: 16 Caucasian
Attractive blonde teenager from Texas

3. Agent Steve Powell Gender: M Age: early 50’s Caucasian
A FBI agent pursuing Peggy.

4. John Ragland Gender: M Age: 30’s Caucasian
Lead detective in the final standoff in Tyler, Texas. Straight talking, stick to the facts, southern drawl

EP. 104

1. Todd Becker Gender: M Age: early 30’s, Caucasian Short, neatly trimmed, light brown hair, former varsity tennis player, clean cut, nice teeth, good looking. All-American.

2. Cathy Becker Gender: F Age: 20/30’s Caucasian
Todd’s Wife. All American, Texas suburban housewife. Neat, attractive and clean cut.

3. Dwayne Becker Gender: M Age: 30/40’s Caucasian
Todd’s older (by about 10 years) half brother. He’s a ne’er do well in his own right but Todd thinks that with just a few jobs, he can have a better life for himself.

EP. 105

1. Diann Cattani Gender: F Age: 20’s Caucasian
Tall and attractive, athletic build. Should also be able to play teenage Diann

2. Diann’s husband Gender: M Age: late 20’s Caucasian
Attractive all-American.

3. Diann’s boss Gender: M Age: 40/50’s Caucasian
Successful and distinguished.


City or Location of call: Washington DC

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