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Where: San Francisco, CA
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Type: Film

Looking for 13 actors for a movie. I’m an independent movie producer looking for actors to star in a movie about wizards. This movie is about good wizards fighting evil wizards and there will be lots of special effects in this movie. The wizards will be shooting lightning, teleporting and using all kinds of magic when they fight each other. I need 2 women and 11 men for the roles. This is a non union, non SAG job. Actors will be paid $40 on day of filming ($20 for the very small acting parts) and will keep a percentage of the profits of the movie. Filming of movie will be done in one day. Because this movie is going to have lots of special effects there is a good chance this movie will get into the movie theaters. Send me a picture of your face and what type of acting experience you have. If you are going thru an acting school thats enough acting experience. I’m based in San Francisco and prefer actors near SF, since we will meet there for rehearsals.

The characters are:
Lumina — female wizard and hero, the main character
Nova – female wizard, Lumina’s friend
Zanthos – evil wizard, the main antagonist
Alexander – wizard, friend of Lumina and Nova
Ambrose – wizard, friend of Lumina and Nova
Julian – wizard, friend of Lumina and Nova
Timeus – evil wizard
Corban – evil wizard
Black Magician — evil wizard
Dark Sorcerer — evil wizard

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, CA
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  1. Elle

    What’s the age limit? 17+?

  2. Emily

    What age are the characters?

  3. chandrise ross

    Most of my work is on youtube, google chandrise ross.

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