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location: Bay Area of California

Category: Film

Casting for a feature-length documentary about caregivers called, Givers.
Do you or do you know somebody who dedicates their life toward taking care of someone else? I am seeking an aunt, uncle, sister or brother who takes care of a loved one with down syndrome or a type of mental disorder like schizophrenia. I am also seeking a daughter or son who takes care of a terminally ill parent.

If you would be willing to open up your home and your life for us to document your day-to-day routine, struggles, etc. please respond. I want to capture what you do, how you feel, what your wants/needs are, what hurts, what makes you happy, if you had any other goals/aspirations before taking on this role, etc.

There is no pay, but you will receive copy, credit, premiere passes, etc. I DO plan on taking this documentary to Sundance, Cannes and anywhere else possible.

More details to follow by email.

Thank you.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Bay Area of California
Contact email:

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