Casting call for Independent short film – DC / Rockville


Film audition in DC posted by the Film Producer/Driector

Where: DC / Maryland
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Type: Film

Casting call for Independent short film to be produced in DC and Rockville, MD.

SHARON (lead): 27-33 years of age. Intelligent, attractive, professional DC-type. Sharon is seemingly the typical young DC professional but, there’s more to her than meets the eye. She appears confident and social but, she’s usually uncomfortable around others and prefers being at home alone. She has a toughness and a “don’t mess with me” attitude. Sharon has an extreme level of undirected passion that’s ready to bubble to the surface.

SILAS (lead): 24-30 years of age. Silas is a reclusive and bizarre character. He was raised in foster homes as a child and never met his real parents. Silas is an outcast in society with a very unusual appearance. If you were to see him in the street, he would appear almost non-human. Beneath the bizarre surface is a very gentle and kind soul. Silas longs for companionship.

MICHAEL: 35-45 years of age. Michael is a life-long criminal and predator. He has psychopathic traits, and very little regard for human life. Michael experienced a traumatic brain injury as a child, which resulted in erratic and violent behavior his entire life.

ERIC: 25-35 years of age. Eric is a young and handsome homicide detective. He’s kind of a hot-shot with a lot to prove. Eric is a very intelligent detective with a strong instinct to match.

JOHN: 45-55 years of age. John is a veteran homicide detective who’s seen it all. John knows a fishy situation when he smells it, and his years of experience have taught him how to make the right move and when to make it.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Loren Olson
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One thought on “Casting call for Independent short film – DC / Rockville

  1. Drew Dickerson

    I’m a novice actor with little experience and hoping to get a shot at an audition.


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