Casting Call (Open Auditions) 2/16/2013 for Short Film


Where: New York City Metropolitan
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Type: Student Films

Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.
Director: Rolando Nieves. Auditions will be held FEBRUARY 16th. A decision will be made on the 17th.

Three graduates filming a short film. The film is called ‘The Stall.’ It’s a suspense thriller. The project is still in the process of raising money of which 90% is going to the cast.

Auditions are being held in Wayne, NJ at our alma-matta. We will disclose information about time and location via email for those who qualify for any of the roles.

The two lead roles require actors who can convey the most through body language. The auditions will help us determine who we choose is best for the roles.

Auditions will be scheduled every 15 minutes to allow the actors to perform an improvisation and read selections from the script that are emailed to you.

To schedule an audition please submit a head shot and resume if you have one. Pay is based on role and experience. Keep in mind it is a student film so it will not be much – but consideration is taken for your time.

Auditions will be held FEBRUARY 16th. A decision will be made on the 17th.

RICH. Mildly attractive (Not a model but no quasimodo). Clean cut. Facially expressive. Witnesses a murder while using a public restroom. Now his life is in danger.

JOHN. Stout. Intimidating. Physically communicative. The guy who murders a junkie in the bathroom and realizes there may be a witness.

JUNKIE / TIM. Squirmy. Skinny. Lithe. He’s trying to buy drugs from John and tries to jump him. He dies.

SARA. Sexy. Loud. Bitchy. She brought her boyfriend to the restaurant to hang out with her friends. She refuses to leave even though he has a irrational fear of public restrooms.

TAYLOR. Pretty. Girl next door type. Sara’s best friend. Waiting to introduce her ‘gang’ to her new boyfried. End reveals it’s JOHN.

LEYLA Extra. Sara’s friend. Couple of lines.

STEPHEN. Extra. Sara’s friend. Couple of lines.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: New York City Metropolitan
Please submit to:

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