Chicago Girl Group Audition


girl group audition

Where: chicago
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I’m starting. a girl group I’m looking for 2 girl that can sing and dance and rap. Have to be 14 to 16 years olds. Send a video of your audition saying why you should be in the group. Email me at I have audition for record label, a have a tour ready for the group. So please don’t waste my time

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: chicago
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3 thoughts on “Chicago Girl Group Audition

  1. Lonyea

    Hey, my name is Lonyea. I am 15. I dance on regular basis with two friends of mine. I have a good singing voice , I’m crazy outgoing, and a hard worker . I would like to know if there is a deadline for the audition tape and any other important information.

  2. tatyana , destinie , tameca

    Hello we are three girls trying to apply for any auditions for singing. We Are working everyday and have patience to Go Far , Swag , and A Nice Personality , We Dance And Have Strong Vocals.

    Please Could We Have Feed Back.

  3. judi

    Hey I made the Audtion and the music the group will be doing is r&b and pop and hip hop. So yea. Gotta have swag and be a cool nice person and be yourself.


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