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location: chicago


My name is Judi I’m 13 years YOUNG and I want to start a girl group. I’m looking for 1 to 2 girls. You have to be able to sing dance, or rap. Gotta have swag and gotta be cute and pretty girl bounce. If you think you are ready for this send a video of your Audition of you
Doing what ever you do, tell me about yourself.


Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Chicago
Contact email:

3 thoughts on “Chicago girl group audition

  1. judi gordan

    HI everybody this. Judi gordan I made this audition that email does not work. Email me at that is the email to audition for the girl group audition are still OPEN. LOOKING FOR THE LAST GIRl.

  2. judi

    Hi this is Judi, the one who made the audition. Auditions are still on and is always OPEN so you can still email me. I’m 14 now the audition posted late so GO On AHEAD AND EMAIL ME.


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