Daytime Talk Show seeks people who need a lie detector

By | November 5, 2013

Do you want to be a guest on a talk show?

Stamford CT Talk Show

A show is looking for guests to appear for the following topics:

  • Do you fear your significant other is cheating on you? Do you need a lie detector test to see if they are?
  • Is one of your family members interfering with your relationship? And you want to confront them?
  • Do you think one of your family members is having a secret affair with your spouse?
  • Do you have a secret that you are dying to reveal to a loved one?

A nationally syndicated talk show is looking for relationships being torn apart and want help! Please contact us ASAP BY PHONE at 203-548-7406

The show films in Connecticut and those chosen to appear will get a paid trip to Connecticut!

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