Disney Channel Auditions 2013 and 2014


Open Auditions have just been announced!

The Disney Talent Search for 2013 is on

The open casting call location and date have just been announced!

The Disney Channel just announced it will be holding an open casting call for new talent in San Antonio Texas. There are 2 initial audition dates, July 27th 2013 and July 28th 2013.

The 2 days are setup by last name. All talent whose name begins with A through M will need to tryout on July 27th. All talent whose name starts with N through Z will need to tryout on Sunday, July 28th.

Disney Channel

Auditions and Tryouts 2013

The Disney Channel and Disney XD casting directors are looking for talented kids who can act, sing, dance or do all three that would like to be considered for future Disney Channel series, movies and productions.

The event will be held at the San Antonio Texas Mariot Rivercenter which is located at 101 Bowie Street in San Antonio Texas 78205. The auditions will be from 9AM to 1PM on both days.

Please be aware that the tryouts will be very crowded so you will probably want to arrive closer the the 9AM time rather than the 1PM time to make sure that you will be seen. All talent and their families are advised to park at the public parking that is next to the Mariot because parking at the Marriot will not be available.

Disney Channel has stated that

“We are looking for young talent to be considered for TV series and movies to be produced for Disney and Disney XD”

No one who is under the age of 18 will be allowed to audition alone. All minors will need to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian and there is never a fee to attend a Disney open casting call. Admission is FREE.

Those in attendance will need to register when they arrive and then wait for their audition slot. The kids will most likely be given a short monologue to read and the entire audition should only tale 1 to 2 minutes. The talent who get selected by casting directors will later be contacted directly by the casting directors.

If you are planning on coming from out of town, please make sure to reserve your rooms early since these events have been known to get many out of town visitors and rooms at the hotel will fill up quickly.

The Disney Channel and Disney XD have done these talent searches yearly for many years now. It gives kids who do not live in Los Angeles a chance to tryout for the network and each year the channel picks another city to go to. Last year the event was held in Kansas City and this year it returns to Texas where by the way, is also where Selena Gomez was discovered.

You do not need to have an agent to attend. Both kids with and without representation are welcome.

These talent searches have been a way for Disney talent scouts to see kids that do not live in L.A. Years ago, Selena Gomez was discovered in this manner.

56 thoughts on “Disney Channel Auditions 2013 and 2014

  1. Finesse

    Hi! I would like to be a part of Disney channel, I sing and act please come to New York.

  2. jada

    I would like to audition for Disney channel and l love it too be the next star??

  3. Hayley Van De Carr

    Hi, I’m Hayley Van De Carr, I love to act. I have been acting forever. I am willing to take the first opportunity I get and if not the first then the second. I hope to make my dreams of being on television come true.

  4. nilaya

    hi I’m Nilaya, I never really knew or saw different actors or really achieved something I have wanted my whole life although I have won some awards. I will still hope for my one day to act, to be on tv, to achieve something others can but they didn’t. In the future my goal of acting is complete. I will never ever forget this post. I will still remember even by the age of 4. I have been wanting to be an actress, to make my parents proud and I love the lord, thank you Jesus and I pray to become an actress someday.

    by nilaya ocasio, 12 years old and going to live in her dream.

  5. adriana

    Hi my name is Adriana and I love to dance. I am willing to take any opportunity that comes my way or that I can find 🙂

  6. Nicholas Sainpaulin

    Hi my name is Nicholas Sainpaulin. I am a very good actress. I would to be on Disney channel, I’ve been dreaming of this my whole life. I watched Austin and Ally and I think I got a 100% chance of getting on Disney channel. Being on Disney channel is a chance of a lifetime, this would be great to be on TV. thank you come again.

  7. Nancy Lin

    Hi I live in Washington, Missouri and I babysit nearly 24/7. I know that Washington is small but it would be great if you could come St. Louis.

  8. Olivia M Snodgrass

    Hello, I’m Olivia! I would love to audition! IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A DREAM OF MINE EVER SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL!
    MY AGE: 12
    MY HEIGHT: (4)10

  9. Olivia Marie Snodgrass

    I will be perfect! oh please! I love Disney channel so much! my favorite show is Lab Rats!

  10. alexis aviana atchison

    I would love it if I could have a Disney audition because if I could have one and become famous I would prove to the people that have bullied me for so many years that it doesn’t matter what you look like but that would be a dream come true and I can sing and act.

  11. shyleen ndlovu

    hey guys I seriously love acting but the thing is I’m in Australia WA
    AGE: 13
    WHERE I LIVE: Australia WA port hedland
    HAIR COLOUR: dark brown
    HEIGHT : well I’m 163cm
    ETHINCITY : Zimbabwe, south Africa(but speak English)
    SKIN COLOUR: brown
    I have a awesome FANDOM(thats right fandom,funny+random=fandom ) personality, I’ve done a musical. I was one of the lead roles. please guys this is like my huge dream, it’s been my dream ever since I was 6 years old. I wanted to audition but all the audtitions are in America. PLEASE GUYS, PRETTY PLEASE, give me a chance.

  12. sarah wanjiku

    Hi, I would like to join Disney Chanel auditions. Thank you.

  13. Shania Gauthier

    hello, I’m Shania, I’m 14 years old, I have been singing for 10 years now and would love to be a singer and a actress, it’s always been a dream of mine to become famous. I think I would be a very good actress and singer because I know becoming famous is a lot to think about it changes your whole life. I would give it my all and try hard. I would love to be a inspiration to people all around the world! I was always taught to follow my dreams. I watch Disney channel 24/7!! It would be a honor!, to actually have the chance to be on Disney channel! So please help me achieve my dream on being an actress on Disney.!

  14. gabby chester

    Hi I’m gabby I’m 13 and I would like to audition for singing. I have been singing for 8 years and I have been waiting for the right time to sign up. I also do chorus for my School. So I hope you reply back as soon as possible. Thanks

  15. Ladaisha Mckenzie

    I would love being a part of Disney channel, because I’m a great actor. I have taken drama many of times and I love it.

    1. gabby chester

      I have done Drama too!! But I’m a singer, but drama is very cool to do. I hope you get accepted in radio disney!! GOOD LUCK 🙂

  16. Priscila

    Hello, my name is Priscilla and since I was 7 years I have wanted to act on Disney Auditions. I look and look but have not found any. Please, it is my dream to work for Disney. If someone could make my dream come true, I would give anything.

    Sincerely, Priscilla Avila

  17. Filiberto Favela

    Hey , My Name Is Filiberto Favela. I’m From Phoenix Arizona And Knowing There’s A Chance To Follow My Dream Is Amazing. I Always Wanted To Be A Actor And It Will Be A Honor To Act In One Of Disney’s Shows. You Know What They Say ” Go After Your Dreams And Never Give Up ” And That’s How I Do Things And That’s Why I’m Asking For A Chance TO CHASE MY DREAMS Thanks ; )

  18. Mikayla Granberry

    Hi, my name is Mikayla Granberry and I would be honored to be on this show. I watch Disney Channel all the time and I’m also in an acting school as well and I’ve been in acting schools a lot like John Casablanca’s and Barbizon. I always love acting I’ve been acting since I was five years so I have lots of experience. I’m 12 years old going on 13 December 24,2000 and my hobbies are playing Tennis,Track,and Designing clothes of my own. If you have any questions you can just give me an email or you can reach me on my facebook my same exact name.
    Thank you.

  19. reaya

    i just want a chance to show my talenet to the world. I swear I am going to be good at it.

  20. Gertrude

    Hi, i’m Gertrude from Nigeria. I’ve been wanting to be on disney channel since I was 10 years old and now I’m 16. I have passion to act since I was little. Singing, acting and ballet dancing are my talents and my career. I feel happy when I get to entertain others with what I can do. I found pleasure in expressing different kinds of emotions.

    1. Olwajesu Adempide

      Hello Gerturde ! Your from Nigeria so am I ha ha ha lol!

  21. Therese Anne Wofford

    I love all of your shows I would love to be in 1. I am 12 and I am in 7th grade.

  22. drew wehr

    Hey this is Drew Wehr. I’m 16 years old and I live in Pittsburgh. I have always had a knack for acting and I would love to further extend my experience in collaboration with you guys. I have a lot of natural rhythm and a decent voice, and if it helps at all people tell me I should be Ashton Kutcher’s son. I really hope to hear from you guys because I feel I could bring a solid new character to go your set. Let me know.

  23. Kevarr

    Hi my name is Kevarr and I live in Detroit Michigan I would love to be on Disney channel and audition for a cast member of Ant Farm. I love that show. Please come to the movie studio here in Michigan. So I can try out!!!

  24. Khyrel

    Hi my name is Khyrel aka Khy!!!
    I live in Detroit Michigan. I love and live for Disney Channel. I would love to be a part of a Disney channel show. I want to make another kid laugh or encourage them to keep trying to reach they dreams.
    Please, please, please come to Pontiac Michigan to the Movie Studio’s here so that people who can’t afford to come across the world to audition will get a chance at a live their dreams.Ever since I was 3 I loved Disney channel and have dreamed of being on Disney. So please come to Pontiac Michigan!

  25. selina cicek

    hey everyone! my name is Selina Cicek. I live in Munich, Germany. I’m from Turkey and Italy (half&half). I can speak german, english, french, turkish and italian, my passion is singing, acting and dancing. I’ve watched disney since I was born, it belongs to my life and the fact to be an actor for disney channel is amazing. So I hope you choose me, much love. selina!! 🙂

  26. Alexandria Mackey

    Hello producers and casting directors. I am Alexandria and I think that I should be considered for any casting calls because I am a determined and a funny young person that loves to act.
    Name: Alexandria Mackey
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 110 lb.
    Height: 5’3
    Body Type: Slender
    Ethnicity: Bahamian (but I speak proper English)
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: Dark Brown

    Talents: I can sing, dance, act, and stunt. I also sing in my choir at school.

    Sports: I run at Track-and-Field,I play Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer and some Tennis.

    Academics: I have been on the Honor Roll since First Grade and have never gotten lower than a 3.8 on a report card.

    Personality: I am an outgoing, friendly, nice, and enthusiastic person when you get to know me.
    I have been told on several ocassions that I have a natural comedic personality that should be on broadway and television.

    Have a nice day. Thank You

    1. Neshell India Ricks

      Hi my name is Ne’Shell India Ricks. I live in Farmington, Michigan. Could you guys come here? I love to watch Dance Moms, Austin and Ally and Cupcake Wars.I would love to be on Disney Channel or Dance Moms. I also love to act and dance. My personality is sweet, sassy, and goof ball. Could you come here by chance?
      Reply back
      Love, Ne’Shell India Ricks

  27. john leach

    HEY my name is John Leach, OK I’m not gong to suck up to you to be on Disney channel but it would be cool if you do put me on Disney channel because I’m 13 years old and I work so hard and I never give up on things. So if you would like to put me on Disney channel I will be happy.

  28. alexa

    I want to be on disney because it would be great and I have a lot of talent. Come to Cape Coral please in sw FL.

  29. alyssa

    Hello!! I’m Alyssa. I’m 13 going to 14, and I love acting. I really want to be apart of Disney, I’ve loved it my whole life. So I hope you guys can come to Texas and give me a chance. I promise i Wont let you down.

  30. Katrina

    Hi , I would like you guys to have auditions in Daly City, California. I can sing and act. So,please and thank you. I’ve been dreaming about being famous in like forever. Please help me make my dream come true.

  31. Joy cogdell

    Hi! my name is Joy Cogdell, I’m 11 years old and I am extremely in love with Disney Channel. I would really enjoy being a voice of someone on Disney channel or being on a Disney channel show. I do understand if I do not get selected. I just just wanna follow my dreams and look for more of this into the future!

  32. Victoria Leal

    Hi! I am Victoria Leal but I like for people to call Vicky : ) , I am 10 years old for now : D, I really would love to be in Disney channel , everyday I watch Disney channel and in every show I look at the character I like and say “I want to be like them” so please give me a chance : )

  33. Mahogany Williams

    Hi I’m mahogany and I’m 14, I’ve always wanted to be on Disney. From when I was 3 watching Micky mouse, it’s been a dream of mine!! I write songs, poems, and stories. I sing ! I’m a great actress I can tell you a straight lie to your face and you would believe it. I’ve been in small plays. But this is what I love and I would die for a chance on Disney channel!

  34. Darylnisha Ruffin

    hello there my name is Darylnisha Natalie Ruffin and I’m 15 1/2 yrs old. I would love to be on the Disney channel. We been trying really hard to make it happen but something always come up. I had have audition and did a beauty pageant and also won so this is just the next step for me.

  35. Tina

    Hi I’m a Nigerian and live in Nigeria. I want to audition for Disney channel and it’s just two days ago I found out about this and it’s too close to the audition date to book a flight. Is it possible to audition through Skype or YouTube? please email me a reply.

  36. Lily kennedy

    My name is lily and I am 14 years old. I live in frisco TX
    And would love to be an actress on disney channel or one of its shows:)

  37. Chloe

    Hi, I’m Chloe and I have always wanted to be a part of a comedy disney show like Austin and Ally, Lab Rats or Good Luck Charlie. The only problem is I live in Australia. I try to look up to people like Maia Mitchell. I LOVE acting, singing and dancing. I am 13 years old and I try to believe that I have a chance in my dream. I got all A grades in my drama class. I really want to fulfill my dream in America.

  38. Armando Sandoval

    I love to act and I have been in some tv shows but I was just a background person. I live in Arkansas, El Dorado.

  39. Cristina

    I’m Cristina, I am 15 years old and I like acting . To Become an actress on Disney is my biggest dream and this is the reason why I learned English (I live in Romania). Please make my dream comes true and give me a chance.

  40. shnaida africot

    I am writing to say that I would love to audition for disney channel or whatever other things like singing if you get this message please respond.

  41. kaitlyn d.

    hi I’m Kaitlyn and I would love to be apart of the Disney channel family. I love to act, sing, and dance, but my true passion is for acting. My family are not that money stable to send me to Texas so I would really love it if ya’ll would have a Disney channel audition here in Mississippi. I really would recommend Jackson, MS. THANKS!!!!!!!!

  42. Stephanie

    What age is the auditions for? I have a beautiful 4 year old little girl.

  43. Abreana

    I would like to act. I can sing, dance and act. I would like you to give me a shot.

  44. kyrelle williams

    I would love to have audition in California.

  45. Makayla,K

    My name is Makayla and I have been watching Disney since I was born. I always remember me telling my mom that I was going to be on Disney in one point of my life. I have been looking for Disney and Nick auditions when I was 7 or 8. It would even be a dream come true if you even reply.There are very few auditions in Virginia and I know that you get this from a lot of people but this is coming from my heart. Every time I look for auditions they already have the cast. I’m 12 years old live in a house in VA. I moved from North Carolina to Virginia. I love to act, draw, play soccer,and design things,and to make forgotten things into something new. I have great grades in school and I like to write books.The main thing I like to do is act out scenes. I’m mixed with Indian and African american. I’m tall for my age(5’5).I have light brown,dark brown and reddish hair. I never dyed it once. I have brown eyes. My Birthday is on Nov 29. I like helping people out. I always want to make people laugh. I hope I can see you guys in person on day if you come to Virginia.

    Makayla Knightnor

  46. ashley diaz

    Hi my name is Ashley I would love to be apart of Disney channel. I love acting and modeling, it would be an amazing experience if I was able to be on Disney. I’m 14 and live in El Paso.

  47. Michael hoard

    I live in Lagrange Georgia and I want to audition but California is to far away please come to Lagrange. I have a great voice and I’m a good actor. It would be awesome if Disney or Disney XD could come and hold auditions here please choose me.

  48. Antonia

    Hello , I Would Be Very Delighted To Be A Part Of Disney Channel Because I Feel Like I Have A Gift In Acting (: Please Choose Me

  49. Laura pate

    Hi, I live in monroe North Carolina and I’m a singer. I also love to dance please come here so I can show you that I’ve got what it takes to make it to the top.

    Thanks have a wonderful day

  50. Selena clark

    I live in Mississippi. I have very good skills in acting. I would love for you guys one day to be able to come to Mississippi for tryouts. -thanks

  51. yuna

    Hello I would like to audition to be a part of disney chanel.
    Thank you

    1. josneyli

      hola yo quisiera audicionar se actuar mucho se cantar y bailar un poco breack dance y mas cosas se que soy de venezuela y quizas no tenga oportunidad pero si pudiera ese fuera mi sueño echo realidad me llamo josneyli luna tengo 13 años de edad soy buena y si tubiera la oportunidad de entrar estaria agradeciida porfavor apoyenme se que puedo y siempre hay que hacer lo que quieres hacer tu sueños realidad que es lo que yo quiero soy buena saludas ojala y tenga mucha suerte

      hello I would like to audition. I will act, sing and dance. I do a little break dancing and other types of dance. I’m from Venezuela and might not have a chance but if I could, that would be my dream come true. My name Josneyli Moon and I am 13 years old. I am good at what I do and would just like the opportunity to get picked for the casting call. I can say and should always do what I need to to make my dreams come true. Hope I have good luck.


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