Electronica/Dubstep Girl Group Casting


Where: Chicago, IL
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Type: Dance

TwerkNoTronic (Project Synopsis)

TwerkNoTronic will be a 4 member girl group. The group will be similar to the Black Eyed Peas, but with a rap style similar to Ke$ha, or Fergie’s solo projects, with a small bit of Nikki Minaj, mixed in. The difference will be in the group’s energy, high dance performance, and sexual overtones, vibrancy.
Once chosen the group’s potential members will undergo an intensive artist development program, that includes an extreme physical workout, dance rehearsals, lyrics memorization, and industry/performance studies.
The group will then begin recording. Followed by learning to perform the songs they have recorded, immediately.
All production, and majority of the writing will be done by BiPolar Beatz, and the group members.

Potential group members, do NOT need previous rapping or singing experience, but MUST have serious dance skills. They must also possess a hot, and exotic look, and demeanor. They must be comfortable doing sexually charged performances, and recording suggestive lyrics.
Potential group members must be available 2-3 times a week, and capable of traveling to any part of the city for rehearsal and recording! They must also be available to travel when the time comes for that as well.
There is NO initial pay for project participants, but there will be fairly negotiated publishing, performance, and appearance opportunities, as with ANY music project of this type.
Interested parties should contact bipolarbeatz@bipolarbeatz.com with pics and personal info including social media info.

BiPolar Beatz

ReverbNation’s #1 Ranked Producer/DubStep In The World!
The Name BiPolar Beatz, immediately brings to mind the line between genius, and insanity. A mind that must deal with it’s instability in order to maintain some form of stability. Therefore, there should be no surprise in the music and the emotions one experiences upon hearing the “electrodancealisticpsychofuturisticdubsteptational sounds of BiPolar1 and the artists of BiPolar Beatz music group. As your eyes roll back in your head, and your lower body begins to shake uncontrollably, all at about 140 beats per minute, you suddenly realize that you are experiencing, the “BassGasm” that comes with each BiPolar Beatz moment. Hailing from the violent streets of Chicago’s South Side, and armed with an arsenal of dangerously detailed, and provocatively precise, BASS, Beats, Rhythms, and Melodies, and a roster of female artists that can only be described as electrosexual overload, BiPolar Beatz is prepared to implode the rubiks cube of your mind.
www.bipolarbeatz.com(COMING SOON)


City or Location of call: Chicago, IL
Please submit to: bipolarbeatz@bipolarbeatz.com

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