Guinness Records Reality Show Casting Big Eaters in L.A.


Guinness World Records Gone Wild Now Casting!

Yep, that’s right. A show is now looking for people who can seriously eat! For those of us that have no talent at all but still wanna get on TV, here is your chance… well, if you can eat that is. Yep, we know everyone can eat but the show is looking for people who can out eat the rest.

We’ve all seen those hot dog eating contests on TV, or at least most of us with nothing else to watch on a Monday night have…. and this may be your chance to get in on the action.

A major cable network is looking for people in Los Angeles who can eat, an eat, and then eat some more. The Guinnness book of records is coming back for another season of their show and has put out a casting call.

Here is the casting below:

Guinness World Records Gone Wild is BACK on truTV for another season of record breaking hijinks!

NOW CASTING: Aspiring competitive eaters with huge personalities
Guinness World Records Gone Wild is seeking men and women who are 18 years or older to attempt some of our competitive eating records.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in breaking any WILD eating records, apply at the url in the flyer below.

Of you are 18 or older and think you can stomach breaking an eating record on TV…. well best of luck!

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