Guinness Records show casting models in Los Angeles

We know Guinness World records does some odd stuff… right? but here is a great one for any model who wants to participate in a world record on stage that involves her bra. Yes, her bra!

On Set Productions in Los Angeles put out the following casting call for ladies who may want to be part of a bra unclasping record set on a TV show.

This is a paid job for models and actually seems like it would be a huge amount of fun for any model who wants to be a part of a record breaking event.

Also, no nudity should be involved, read below for the model casting call details, but it does state that this is a stunt and models will remain almost fully clothed as they will hold their clothing up during the televised stunt.

TV SHOW: Guinness World Records

RATE: $50 CASH Paid Same Day (you will be there for 2-3 hours. Stunt will take about 30mins)

DATE: 6/20/13

We are casting 75 Models to come out on stage wearing Jeans and a black bra (see sample video link)

They will stand in one long line shoulder to shoulder with their backs to the audience and their arms across their chest.
On go our attempter will make his or her way down the line unclasping as many bras as he can. The Models will hold the bras in place so as never to reveal anything when and if their bra is unclasped.

The record attempt is for the most in a minute so you would not be up there all that long. THIS IS NOT NUDITY, you will only be in a black bra and Jeans and never revealed.

The stunt will only be attempted once and should take 30 minutes.

EMAIL us at INCLUDE in email:
NON PROFESSIONAL Photos (1 headshot, 1 full length)

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