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By | November 18, 2013

Are you in the process of a major life change? Are you moving from the corporate daily grind to the uncertainty of self-employment? Trading in your house keys for a houseboat? HGTV is casting for “New House New Life“, a show about change… and a new home that comes with that change. The HGTV show is looking for fun, dynamic and high energy individuals who are ready to make the change, who have recently relocated or are going to relocate to follow a lifelong dream.

Are you sick and tired of city life and ready to go for it and move to the country?

Fed up with city living? Ready for a change? New House, New Life takes one city-weary couple and shows them how great life could be in a new home surrounded by nature’s beauty. On each episode, our city dwellers travel to such stunning locales as the mountains of Colorado, the lakes of Montana or the horse farms of Tennessee.

Singles, families and couple are all welcome to apply, whatever the situatio is, HGTV wants to hear about it to possibly be featured on the show.

HGTV wants to be there to capture key moments:

  • The trials and tribulations of career departures
  • The moving process
  • Settling into your new digs
  • Dealing with the realtors and the family members
  • The entire process of getting there and all the surprises along the way!

Casting for the show is going on now and will continue through this fall. If you think

Now Casting!

HGTV’s New House, New Life

HGTV casting call
Are you in the process of moving from Wall Street to Main Street? Or maybe you’re getting ready to trade in that cubicle for a houseboat? Planning to run your own B&B, rafting business, ski shop, doggie daycare? No matter your passion, if you’re tired of “working for the man” or living someone else’s dream and have just moved or are in the process of doing so, then we’re looking for you! HGTV’s latest series, “New House, New Life” seeks fun, high-energy people who have recently relocated or are picking up stakes to a new location to follow a lifelong passion or new found interest.

Does this sound like you or something you are doing? If so, you can apply here.

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