HORROR Film Casting Call

By | January 6, 2013

Film seeks full cast – HORROR Film Casting Call in Tampa Florida
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location: Tampa, Florida

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CASTING CALL!!! Gatorblade Films and Reaper Films are teaming up to bring an 80’s style sorority slasher film called “Die Die Delta Pi” to the big screen! We will be having a casting call on Friday January 11th from 4-9pm, January 12th from 9-5 and January 13th from 9-5. If you are a seasoned actor or if this is your first time, this is a great opportunity to gain IMDB credit, experience, and to be part of a film that will gain distribution and be spread thru the film festival circuit nationwide. We will be filming in the month of April on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If interested please send a head shot, resume and which day you prefer to audition to diediedeltapi@yahoo.com and we will contact you with more info. www.reaperfilms.com / www.gatorbladefilms.com
We are looking for talent to fill the following roles…
Adolfo – 18-25 or looks 18, tall with an athletic build. Not muscular. A regular looking Joe.
He mostly keeps to himself, always on his cell phone but always aware of his
surroundings. A nice guy. Is good friends with Harry, Owen, Diana, Marie and Kelly.
Harry Hu – 18-25 or looks 18, short and a humorous kid. Think Data from The Goonies.
He’s a kid on the verge of being a nerd or a prankster. Is good buddies with Owen
but sometimes they butt heads together, in a nice way. Although, Harry takes it
Owen Patterson – 19-25 or looks 19. A tall athletic kid, muscular but not to the extreme.
He likes MMA fighting and even joins one in College. He is self confident,
While he’s not a bully, he pretends to be. He is protective of his buddy
Harry. He’s the only one that makes fun of him. Treats him like his little
brother. Is good friends with Adolfo, Marie, Diana and Kelly.
Johnathan Hawes – 19-25 or looks 19. He’s one of those tough guys from the 80s. Think
Revenge of the Nerds Frats. He is seen in the 1980s scenes.
Patrick Sims – 18-25 or looks 18. He’s a slender version of the Frat guys. Will fire back
with witty banter if verbal attacked by his peers. Is seen in the 1980s scenes.
Tobey Williams – 18-25 or looks 18. He notices something strange happening in a parking lot
He is also a part of the 1980s scene.

Allison Murray – 18-25 or looks 18. She is a pretty blonde. Not dumb but not too smart. She’s
She your typical girl next door. She is the shy type and hides her emotions.
She takes part of a bad accident that happens in the 1980s scene.
Katey Caplan – 18-25 or looks 18. She is a pretty brunette. Just like Allison, she’s your typical
girl next door. She is more the feisty type. Always showing her emotions and
makes sure people around her see it. She takes part in a bad accident in the
1980s scene.
Donna Parket – 20-25 or looks 20. She is the older Delta Pi member who has authority over
her Delta Pi sisters. She is a pretty dark haired young woman who thinks
she knows what she’s doing to make it look like she’s boss. Girls look up to
to her because she’s the oldest. She takes part in bad accident in the 1980s
Bo – 19-25 or looks 19. She is slender, tall and athletic. She is a wiz with archery and
wise-cracker of the bunch.
Cindy – 19-25 or looks 19. She is a nice-looking dirty blonde haired young woman. She is
in charge of the new Delta Pi grand opening. She’s a nice girl, head over her shoulders
and knows what she wants in life.
Diana Parker – 18-25 or looks 18. She is Donna’s daughter. She is a nice and eager young girl.
All she wants to do is have fun and be free from her house, finally taking that
big leap forward from high school to college. She joins Delta Pi sorority against
her mother’s wishes. Things get ugly!
Donna Parker – 40-45. She’s Diana’s mother and when she was younger took part in a
horrible accident in the 1980s. She is protective of her daughter and when
she realizes that Delta Pi is back after 27 years and people begin dying, she
she begins to worry. She sets out to find out who’s causing the murders.
Allison Murray – 40-45. She is the older version of young Allison. She is a police officer and
is not the Allison we remember. She feels guilt for what happened in the
1980s scene and uses the uniform to hide from that fact.
Katey Caplain – 40-45. She is the older version of Katey but is more disheveled and guilty.
She has been in a psychiatric ward for many years and afraid to go out. The
guilt of what happened in the 1980s scene made her aware that there’s
someone after them and all of the Delta Pi Sisters.
Katherine Jordan – late 30s. She is the Delta Pi House Director. She will be seen in the 1980s
and witnesses the horrible incident that took place. She is a distinguished
looking person with heavy eyebrows. The Delta Pi sisters make fun of her.
Marissa Chambers – 18-20 must look young and innocent. She is a dirty blonde haired young
girl with book smarts and eyeglasses. She is the type they call a nerd
when she really isn’t. She hides her emotions very well.

Josie – 18-25 or looks 18. She is the new Delta Pi sister and is one of those girls that like to
scare or pull off pranks. She’s a nice girl but could be annoying and talkative.
Kelly – 18-25 or looks 18. She is good friends with Diana, Marie, Owen, Adolfo and Harry.
She is a cute girl with aspirations after college but things don’t turn out the way she
wants them.
Marie – 18-25 or looks 18. She is good friends with Diana, Kelly, Owen, Adolfo and Harry. She
has a crush on Harry and Harry notices this, too. She is a lovely nice girl who is not
afraid of showing off her emotions whether they’re good or bad. She is like an Angel
and Devil on the shoulders of her friends.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Tampa, Florida
Contact email: i.films@yahoo.com

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