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MTV 16 and pregnant

16 and Pregnant is is looking for newly pregnant teens who would like to share their stories with the MTV audience. The show follows the stories of pregnant teenage girls in high school dealing pregnancy. 16 and pregnant is shot in a documentary style that shows the stresses and hardships faced by the teen moms to be. MTV also has a spin-off of 16 and Pregnant which is called ‘Teen Mom’ that follows the stories of teenagers after they have given birth and deal with a whole new set of responsibilities that come with raising a child..

MTV is casting for the thought-provoking documentary series “16 and Pregnant.” This series follows the journeys of young women as they face unexpected pregnancies and navigate the difficulties of becoming parents at a young age.

Our goal is to give viewers a look inside the realities of teen pregnancy — from morning sickness and balancing school responsibilities to navigating incredibly difficult decisions and relationships with boyfriends and/or parents, ultimately to the day of the baby’s arrival and beyond. MTV is looking for young women from varying backgrounds who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to share their personal story about this life-changing and complicated journey.

If you would like to share your story in order to raise awareness about this issue, please contact us as soon as possible. Include the city and state you live in, your contact details, a picture and the reason why you’d like to share your story as part of “16 and Pregnant.” Email us at:

There is also another show right now that is casting pregnant ladies.

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  1. Christy Cribbs

    My name is Christy but my daughter Paige Murphy is 16 and got pregnant. She was on the depo shot. When she was about 12 weeks she went to Florida with granny to visit her aunt and cousins. The day after she left for Florida her baby daddy Dustyn got with another girl and told Paige he caught feelings for this 13 year old girl. Paige just turned 16 on August 3rd. At her party she wanted Dustyn there. Despite all of the other crap his girlfriend had the nerve to show up. It was a disaster. She wants to be on the show to let these other girls know that’s just because you get pregnant don’t mean they will stay with you. We live in Flintstone Georgia. 2 minutes from Chattanooga Tennessee. I look forward to hearing back from you guys. Paige would be a perfect candidate for this show.

  2. Mercy Dahn

    Would love to share my story with the world

  3. Jamea Harris

    My sister has recently found out she is pregnant we live in Columbus Ohio and it’s an experience worth sharing.

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