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By | February 21, 2013

Sketch Comedy – Actors, Actresses, Models, Comedians, Aspiring (Doral/Miami)

Where: Miami, Florida
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Type: Web series

Sketch Comedy Sun 24th at 130pm – Aberdeen and Smith Psychologist At Large – The show is two Psychologists who have a comedic approach to helping their clients. The Psychologists are popular comedian RJ who host his own Comedy Club in Ft. Lauderdale and travels the country doing stand-up. New Comedian and Psychologist two is Radar Starr who has family in the entertainment business who have won 2 Emmys and ASCAP Awards

This is sketch comedy so only synopsis will be provided and we role live with limited takes. The show will be shot in a Doral/Miami studio. Each skit will run 3 to 8 minutes. Recurring roles are possible. The show is Rated R. There is no pay involved

Sorry Guys there is no pay for this gig! But we guarantee you will love it, have a great experience and be marketed nationally. Serious inquiries only we are shooting in Doral studio.

Example of Skits:
Couple who has marriage problems. Husband Player
Adult 18 to 25 dances all the time can’t keep still
Young Lady doesn’t talk
Character thinks they are Tina Turner, Beyoncé, MJ,
Hot Latin women and dork guy

Marketing for show is provided by 10Edge provided Social Media Marketing for the 2013 Soul Train Awards, Evander Holyfield Fight and Rock City (writers for Rihanna -Pour It On, Man Down – Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, Akon)

Show videos will be posted on a minimum of 10 video websites (YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo), 100 Social Bookmarking, 50 Social Networking sites, 100 Wiki and multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Aberdeen and Smith — Roles Available

1. Crazy Girl
o Crazy, looking all over, talking to the air, walk out then walks back in, says she has to use the bathroom, acts as if she is pulling panty down
2. Girl Silent Won’t Speak – Looking down the whole time never says a word
3. Yes Girl — Just says right all the time. You are so right.
4. Miss Busy – Starts doing her nails, brushing her hair, texting, Takes phone call “Yes I am with these whack Dr’s”
5. The Singing Girl — Sings everything doesn’t talk
6. Super Sexy Women – Does ‘Basic Instinct’ Sharon Stone leg cross, everything she says leads to something sexual,
7. Woman talks like a kid — In pajamas, has dolls, calls Dr’s daddy
8. Latin Girl Hater — Heavy accent big mouth, hating on J Lo, Shakira, Penelope Cruz says she better looking than them. She is not jealous. When she walks down the street men go crazy. Talks in Spanglish, Very flamboyant hands moving.
9. Two Partners in Cookie business who gets on each other’s nerves.

1. Guy who gets to high
o His eyes are almost closed when he comes in smells of weed, has weed with him, offers to sell weed to psychologist
2. White Guy who thinks he’s black
3. Guy who thinks he’s a Gansta but he isn’t – Talks about shooting people but has no gun. Must have strong aggressive demeanor. Guy is professional Insurance salesmen
4. Handsome Guy — Thinks he is smooth, pimp, player girls have complained lacks performance, small thang
5. Two Guys who loves to dance can’t stop moving – prefer a crew, will be on couch doing movements
6. Guy who thinks he is from outer space — From Megatron, has burst of loudness, starts laughing hilariously.
7. Guy who gets to high
o His eyes are almost closed when he comes in smells of weed, has weed with him, offers to sell weed to psychologist
8. Latin guy things he is Scarface(Al Pacino) — Says all classic lines from Movie
9. Guy Doesn’t like white people

1. Married Couple Big Guy/Small Woman
o Big guy married to thin women he wants a divorce cause she is to small
o This lady married to big guy and loves him. Must be attractive real thin
2. Gay Guy Switching to Straight
o Gay guy switching to straight
o Gay guy switching mad at his lover for switching to straight
3. Couple getting divorce
o Male is real shy dorky, goofy, talks in nazzly ,corny voice
o Female is a player, sassy, big mouth thinks she is all dat, loud – Must be attractive sexy female

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Miami, Florida
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