Rhode Island Film Audition


“Regards from the Extemporary”

Where: Rhode Island, MA
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Type: Film

“Regards from the Extemporary” is a short film about a man who takes in a homeless woman for no clear reason, and then explores the subsequent negative reactions from his girlfriend and peers. The film becomes an examination of the nature of good deeds and how their motivations are seldom altruistic.

Greg: 20-30 years of age, male — The film’s main “protagonist” and the individual who decides to welcome a homeless woman into his home to live with him. Greg is a very passive and frustrated individual, who is currently in a failing relationship with Malorie, whom he cannot stand. His timidness has rendered him incapable of standing up for himself in any capacity, but his time with the homeless woman just may be enough for him to regain his confidence. (Must be comfortable with on-screen kissing)

Malorie: 20-30 years of age, female — The film’s main “antagonist” who tries to prevent her boyfriend, Greg, from allowing a homeless woman to stay at his apartment. Malorie is a very hostile and uncouth individual, who maintains her dying relationship with Greg only because he is easily intimidated and once lavished her with unwavering attention. But she has noticed that his attention is lacking, and is attempting to reclaim his attention by any means necessary. (Must be comfortable with on-screen kissing)

Dave: 20-30 years of age, male — Greg’s immature best friend who finds himself to be the neutral third party in Greg and Malorie’s deteriorating relationship. A friend to both Greg and Malorie, once Greg decides to take in a homeless woman, he becomes torn on whose side to take. But as the events unfold, he may turn out to be the only voice of reason.

Homeless Woman: 50-80 years of age, Asian — The catalyst of this controversial happening, we know little about this elderly, Asian woman. Her scars and fearful demeanor suggest that she has had a difficult life, but once she is let into Greg’s home, her past becomes a bit more clear, and she begins to teach everyone some hard lessons.

Homeless Man: 40-60 years of age, male — This man begs for change outside of a coffee shop, whom Greg refuses.

Superman Representative: 20-30 years of age, male or female — This person works for a non-profit organization which sponsors poverty-ridden individuals by way of appealing to the hearts of generous people.

Girlfriend: 20-30 years of age, female — This woman has just been dumped by her boyfriend. She cries until Malorie’s harsh, frustrated sigh sends her out of the room.

Boyfriend: 20-30 years of age, male — This man has just broken up with his girlfriend, to which he seems completely unfazed. After watching her cry for several minutes, he decides to leave her behind without paying, expressing no other emotion other than annoyance.

The audition date will be on Tuesday June 18th and held in Rhode Island. Any one is interested in auditioning for any of the film’s roles, please email lacombeproductions@gmail.

With your name, your desired role, and your availability throughout the month of July.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Rhode Island, MA
Please submit to: lacombeproductions@gmail.com

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