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Short Film Casting Opportunity
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location: Bangor, ME

Category: Student Films

Actors needed for a short film!

The New England School of Communications is proud to announce that it is accepting resumes and head shots as we are looking to cast a 30-minute short film to be produced in the greater Bangor area.

This will be the follow up to the 2011-2012 short Stephen King Adaption, “The Last Rung on the Ladder”, which went on to win the “Best Film in Maine” award at the Lewiston Auburn Film Festival. This new short film will be the first student written original to be produced by the Digital Filmmaking students.

All resumes and materials should be submitted (by email) no later then Friday January 25, 2013. Samples of work or any on camera reading can be emailed or shared as a link to (feel free to pull out your cell phone and send us a quick video of yourself expressing your interest to participate). Script readings will be by appointment only, and as we are on such a tight schedule, please don’t wait too long!

Principle photography will begin February 1st, and will be completed by April 1st. When finished, the student driven project will be entered into numerous film festivals around the country and raw footage will be available to any of the actors who would like to use it for demo material. Participation is on a voluntary basis, and we will attempt to work around any schedules that chosen actors have.

Please feel free to email us for more information OR to send us a quick sample of yourself on camera (shoot it with a cell phone and send it in!).
Contact us at

Currently Casting:
Men 20-30 Leading roles
Men 50-60 Featured roles
Men 30-40 Supporting roles
Women 45-60 Featured roles
Men 18-25 Supporting roles
Women 25-45 Supporting roles
Boys 6-12 Supporting roles

There are a few student versions of Last Rung on the Ladder on the internet, however ours IS NOT posted in its entirety, but here is the link for the trailer…it was also reviewed by Mr. King himself!

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Bangor, ME
Contact email:

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