Sibling Rivalry Reality Show – NYC

By | August 20, 2013

New York City – Reality Show seeks siblings

An Emmy-winning television production company is looking for siblings who have taken their rivalry into their adult years. Do you own opposing businesses and compete for customers—against your sibling? Do you work in the same industry, but are always trying to one-up each other? Does your sibling constantly push your buttons and try to best you in everything that they do, be it work, play, love, or money?

If you could see your rivalry playing out on television, we would love to hear from you.

Please reply to this post and include:
-Your name(s)
-A clear and recent photograph
-A quick background about how you and your sibling became so competitive, and in what business or activity you compete in today
-Return contact information
-A link to video or business websites if you have it (can be self-shot or family video)

Please submit to before 9/10/13

2 thoughts on “Sibling Rivalry Reality Show – NYC

  1. Carla Sims-Pendergrast

    I can’t believe I found a reality show looking for sibling rivalry. I wanted to propose an idea for a producer to follow me and my siblings. I am the youngest of one sister and brother.

    We are all adults and I’ve been emotionally destroyed by the relationship or should I say the relationship that we do not have. My father recently passed away and my brother being a lawyer (sports lawyer) manipulated my father’s estate to exclude me.

    My sister and brother have a relationship and I have always been the black sheep. I blame them for my drug addiction and I blame them for my inability to get sober. I have learned to accept my addiction and I learned to live with it since it seems I will never get the support from my loved ones that would be the the key to my sobriety. I never done anything but support them. As a child I was the one sent to live with my grandmother, I had the closet for a bedroom, I went to public school, while they went to private school and it goes deeper than that.

    I am 55 years old. We all look like we are in our late 30’s or early 40s. We were raised by both parents although they were divorced. My father was great man and he and my son had a great relationship. I believe my siblings did something to cause his death and I have circumstantial evidence that proves something suspicious did occur. I hate my siblings and it hurts me that they have always kept me at distance. there is a lot to this family situation of three siblings and a black sheep. Call me to here more about my story. I was telling some friends that I wanted to find a producer to follow me and my siblings in a reality show, so the world could see what they are doing to such a good spirited woman. I have helped so many people even in my addiction, they could never imagine the real addict that I am. I am definitely unique. They probably think I am like one of the addicts they see on TV, pathetic and down and out.

    I have been through the street but I have grown and handled myself with strength, courage, strategy, loyalty, smarts and remained the good natured person that I always was as a child. I hate them with a passion that just want go away… I wish I could be free from the affects of their detachment. I think they do it on purpose to steal my energy, and that’s another part of the story. I am the gifted child and as long as I stay down, they are able to feed on my energy. They are feeding on my energy and I want it back.

  2. phyllis kalu

    Hi, my name is Phyllis Kalu. My sister, Nena and I would like to apply for this.


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