Singers Between the Ages of 13-17


Where: Chicagoland Area
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Type: Singers

We are looking for singers interested in being apart of a singing group. All singers will be required to sing songs within R&B and pop genres and be able to dance a little. There will be no pay in the begininng. The group will perform where ever they can and network with other artists in hopes of making it. Please send your name, age, why you would like to be considered for this group, and link of you singing to

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicagoland Area
Please submit to:

One thought on “Singers Between the Ages of 13-17

  1. larry

    I would like to do this. I have just broke up with my band mates so why not learn and have fun with others. I am 14 and named Larry but my singing name is Jacob Prince. I would be considered for this group because I am a cool guy, love everything and everyone, funny, make friends faster then others, not in gangs and just like and love to have fun with others or family.


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