Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Reality TV Show–For It/Against It


Reality Show Casting

Where: Los Angeles
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Type: Reality TV

Los Angeles production currently casting for cable reality TV show. Show is about the sugar daddy dating lifestyle. Looking for sugar babies, sugar daddies, sugar mommas, and people that don’t like the lifestyle.

Filming in early to mid-April.

Casting Needs:
Need a variety of characters: female, male, straight, and gay. We will be doing Skype calls to narrow down the list for in-person auditions. Please send picture, short bio, contact information, Skype name, and availability for Skype call. Include character type (chose from the list below), in the subject line.

***If you are a sugar baby and have family or friend that is against the sugar daddy lifestyle you can submit them too. ***

Grad Student—New To Sugar Daddy Lifestyle
White female, Mid-20’s, smart, sassy, girl next door.

Family or Friend Against Lifestyle—Grad Student

Sexy Sugar Baby
Rambunctious, edgy, sexy female, late 20’s girl. Loves the finer things in life. White or Latin

Family or Friend Against Lifestyle Sexy Sugar baby

Flamboyant Gay Sugar Baby
Mid-20’s male, looking for Sugar Daddy.

Family or Friend Against Lifestyle—Flamboyant Gay

Guy Looking for Sugar Momma
Young-20’s guy, straight, looking for Sugar Momma. White or Latin

Family or Friend Against Lifestyle—Guy Looking for Sugar Momma

Gorgeous Model Sugar Baby
Has had a sugar daddy before. Doesn’t like that lots of advice is online for women new to sugar daddy dating. Late 20’s or 30’s white, Latin, or other race.

Family or Friend Against Lifestyle—Gorgeous Model

Sugar Daddy-
50-60 year old divorced Sugar Daddy, not looking to get married, wants to have fun, loves spoiling a woman. White or Latin

Family or Friend Against Lifestyle—Sugar Daddy

Man Curious About Being A Sugar Daddy
Mid-40’s, never had a sugar baby before, not sure if lifestyle is for him but very interested, looking for glamorous companion. White

Gay or Curious Straight Guy Sugar Daddy
Straight guy that is open to having a gay sugar baby. Or:
Gay guy looking to take care of a young man White,Latin, other race

Family or Friend Against Lifestyle—Gay or Curious

Sugar Momma:
Woman that has money to spend on her man but isn’t a sugar momma in the true sense. Likes good looking guys. White or a Latin

Woman Against Sugar Daddy Lifestyle
Female against the sugar daddy lifestyle. 30’s or 40’s. White or Asian.

Female Financial Advisor
Woman, familiar with sugar daddy dating, who gives financial advice to sugar babies: investment tips, etc. White or Latin

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
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