The new Esquire Network casting docu / reality show “Enter The Wild”


Tryout for “Enter The Wild” 2014!


A new show for the Esquire Network is seeking outdoors people for a documentary adventure through the wild. This is not a competition series or a social challenge like the ‘Survivor’ reality shows. This is a journey through the outdoors which will challenge your survival skills while you are being challenged to make use of primitive techniques as you journey through the wild with the show and One of America’s best known outdoorsmen as your guide.

Does your life look great from the outside, but leave you searching for more? Do you have a cool job, glamorous lifestyle or full social calendar, yet still feel like something is missing? Are you looking for a new experience to get you out of the daily grind? ENTER THE WILD. . .

The show will cast regular people for the journey, to follow their guide and push themselves to the limit. A group of people will start the journey but all may not finish. The ones that do will find a deeper connection to nature and probably improve their outdoor survival skills.

Do you want to take the ultimate journey through the great outdoors? Here is your chance. Casting for the show is going on this fall and the filming will take place in the forest during the winter of 2014.

Now casting for:
All ethnicities, occupations, religions, socioeconomic statuses

but are particularly looking for:

  • Men & Women ages 30-50yrs old
  • Black collar occupations in creative industries, nightlife, sports, or specialized fields
  • White collar occupations in finance or managerial fields
  • Varying levels of survival skills, from complete NOVICES to INTERMEDIATE practitioners (no outdoor experience necessary!)
  • People who authentically want a deeper connection with nature and learn back to basic skills
  • Pairs welcome (fathers & sons, husbands & wives, etc.)

Participants who are willing to push themselves mentally & physically to their own limits (non athletes ok)

ENTER THE WILD, an inspiring new documentary series for Esquire Network, will bring together a diverse group of real people for a life-changing experience in which they learn time-tested skills of survival from one of America’s most acclaimed wilderness experts. Participants will be physically and mentally challenged as they learn the most primitive techniques of survival in a fully immersive course set completely outdoors.


Casting applications for this show are being done online and you can apply at the shows website.

To qualify for the show you must be a US legal resident that is 18 or older. You do not need to be an athlete, but the show will have very physical challenges to overcome so you must be in great physical shape.

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