TV Commercial Audition Pays $1000+ – Phoenix AZ


Paid job for actors in TV Commercial

Kids, teens, middle aged couple and seniors needed.

GoodFaith Casting in Phoenix Arizona has put out a casting call for non-union actors to work on a commercial.

They are seeking to fill 6 roles , a grandmother and grandfather, a working couple in their 40’s, a teen daughter and a 10 year old son.

Please only submit if you fit the descriptions listed below and are local to the Phoenix area where this commercial will be filming. Auditions are scheduled for Friday the 27th, Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th. Callbacks will be a few days later.

Non-union submissions only – All roles are paid. Kids will receive $1000 if cast  and adults will receive $1250 if cast for the commercial shoot. More details about roles and pay in the casting call below.

Here is the casting call below:

We are casting a AAA commercial

Audition Dates: fri 9/27 am / Sun 9/29 am / Mon 9/30 am
Callback Date: Wed, October 2nd
Shoot Date: October 12th 2013

Non-union or core submissions only please

Rate: $1,250 plus 20% for adults / $1,000 plus 20% for kids
Term: 1 year buyout local broadcast

Roles: (all roles are Caucasian)
Early to mid 60s, friendly, active adult, but not overly Arizona. Maybe they moved here recently from the Midwest.

Early to mid 60s, more hip than grandmotherly, active adult, good character actor, she needs to be able to express concern for her grand daughter

Late 40s, working mom, busy with family and kids, “Arcadia” parent, good character actor

Late 40s, working dad, responsible dad, “Arcadia” parent

16 or 17, “cool”, good character actor, she needs to be able to express concern for her grandparents

10-ish, nondescript, blends in

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please send an email to subject link “AAA-(the role you are interested in) Example AAA-DAD etc. include, email, address, phone number, birthday, agent (if you have one) along with a headshot/resume. If you submit incorrectly your email will be DELETED!

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