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Where: Washington, DC
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Type: TV Pilots

This is a currently a no pay job. . . if you are still interested please read below. . .

No prior experience needed….

We are creating a TV pilot/Web series and we are now casting for actors/actresses. This show is about people who lives are tested by their choices and while they make these choices; their lives are intertwine with each other; dealing with lies, love, jealously, hatred and lust. We want to have a drama show that focus the average community. Not enough TV shows showcase the urban community (African-American, Cubans, etc.) community. We promise to deliver steamy, real, exciting, and intriguing episodes. Think of a gritty drama series that focus on the DC surrounding areas.

We do believe that everybody has to start somewhere and this is “us” starting somewhere. We plan on going places… So please come aboard and lets reach to the top together!!!!

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(Michelle) 20-25 year-old. . . African-American. . . This character always has something to say. When she passionate about something she rambles on and on and on. . . She fun, outgoing and always into somebody’s business. She speaks her mind (in her mind) and she always noticing the little things… Yet. . . She can be fake at times but that’s okay to her because she’s the only one aware of it. . . She can be that angry black woman that people like to stereotype of African American woman. She not necessarily beautiful but she is very mainstream. . . She a true black woman… POWERFUL yet GENTLE. . .

(Erika) 20-25. . . mixed. . . female. . . . . . You know those types of people that are happy all the time… Well that’s Erika. Her naive loving attitude is too much to handle. She is a nurturer at heart and will give mothers a very great name. Always willing to help and always willing to lend a hand. However, the person who plays her must be able to convince a 360 degrees change when the REAL Erika comes out. . . And when she comes out your only going to love her because she is that and always been that SNEAKY LITTLE BITCH

(India) 15-18 any race. . . female. . . This character needs to be young looking and old looking at the same time to confused people about her age. This character is wild and does some unique strange things.

(Yvonne) 20-30… Any race. . .female… This character in most people minds will be a nasty ass hoe yet she is just a person who loves sex. She not afraid to try new things with a man or woman or herself. She always is up kept and never needed a man to wine and dine her… yet… never declined an offer as well.. Momma ain’t raised no fool… INDEPENDENT is her first and last name. She has no time to read or throw shade at you. . . She will tell you how it is. . . She is successful woman who is on top and always stay on top.


(Dominic) 20-25 year-old. . . Hispanic. . . muscles… Brown — dark skinned. . . male. . . This character is not much for words. He has to show the audience that he is fit. . .. He falls for a particular type. . . He has this dark humor that can be awkward at times. Imagine somebody with a dark voice. . . He is your all around man. . . He very secretive and sensitive of his work (cooking). This person experiences some risky behavior.

(Hector) 25-35… any race… A cop who trying to fix his life yet keeps making bad decisions.
Auditions will consist of a contemporary monologue no more than one minute long and a cold reading of sides from the script. Although this is an open call, appointments are suggested and those with appointments will be given first priority. However, we will audition as many actors/actresses as we can with the given time.

Submit headshot or recent picture /resume
In subject line, please include the character(s) you’re submitting for.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Washington, DC
Please submit to:


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