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The Power of Dreams centers on a girl going to university for the 1st time and she has issues on whether she’l fit in.
I’ll list a list of characters for my upcoming TV pilot.
I am looking for all 6 characters and I charge $55 a day for a maximum of 6 hours a day.

Alegra Cruise – aged 18 but looks nearer 12 – 14

The heroine of the story is a psychic although she puts off all comment about this.
She’s is 18 and deeply religious, she’s a devote Catholic from Decatur, AL.
She’s not allowed to show skin but she has her own way of remaining pretty and people as so surprised she’s old enough to attend university as she looks about 12.
She is like a cross between Hailee Steinfeld, an environmentalist and a lot of knowledge like a super computer.
She came 3rd in Miss Alabama’s outstanding teen pageant
Light brown long hair, braided and positioned in pigtails

Daisy Smith – aged 18

Daisy is a rebellious girl and also a best friend to title character.
She is also 18 but actually looks her age much to her dismay.
She takes an interest in English student Nigel and he helps her through some tragic news taking place in episode 6.
She takes an interest in athletics to try and distance herself from her best friend, she is used to spending so much time with Alegra and if she isn’t into learning like her best friend then she’d at least like sports to fall back on.
Dark brown hair, medium to long

Madison – aged 20

She is 20 and head of NAU Lions, the university’s cheerleading squad.
She is quite viscous towards people she doesn’t like, she hates rivals like they are out to get her.
She takes a shining to new girl Alegra and thinks her knowledge will be a welcome addition to the squad and Madison has trouble convincing her bf Scarlett but Madison has never made a mistake and even however controversial the sport may be she won’t stop until she gets Alegra in the squad and the best boyfriend on campus.
She has long blonde hair

Troy – Aged 20

Troy is head of the basketball team and has a crush on Equestrian captain Jacquinta much to the dismay of Madison.
He is 20 and super cute according to every girl and causes quite a stir at Alegra’s birthday party.
Short blonde hair

Romeo – aged 20

He is 20 and Alabama’s own version of Romeo from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.
He’s a charmer but can’t get the attention from Troy as he can’t get on a sports team.
Short brown hair

Nigel – aged 18

He’s a 1st year at North Alabama University and is keen on English and practically acts as Daisy’s personal chauffeur.
He is a really nice person and helps Daisy when she feels she world is going to end and she will never ever never be a runner.
Medium length black hair

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