Where: New York City
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Type: Film

Good Day,
My name is Hector Colon.
I am the writer and production manager for Unwritten: Into The Dark, a short film based on the struggles of a Bronx teen trying to find himself.
The script starts off with a well looking, happy teenager staring into a mirror in the middle of a stage.
As he stares into the mirror he sees another teen that looks exactly like him, only this teen is broken down, tired, bruised up, and looking back at him with lots of hate.
In an attempt to understand the man in his reflection, the mirror disappears leaving the teen and the reflection in the same stage, same world.
The more the teen tries to understand the man in his reflection, the more of the teen’s past is revealed.
Many flashbacks are brought back, everything from his childhood up to the point where he is at right now.
It includes overcoming obstacles such as homelessness, family dysfunction, poverty, bullying, betrayal, and even death.
A good kid with a kind heart suffers all he can bear until he falls into a deep depression.
This kid gets brutally abused everyday by not only his male peers, but by random people in the street and has to deal with the abandonment of his father everyday.
He is always looking up to God for answers as to why this life was placed in front of him.
With bad luck following him wherever he goes, it’s not surprising for him to give up searching for a solution and think about suicide.
But, when almost all hope is lost… The answers he’s been looking for reveals itself.
The way to escape from reality and become the person he is destined to be laid in his own back yard.
That gift was writing and dancing.
Those talents will give him the necessary tools needed to earn respect and survive this turbulent world.
As the teen sees the positive outlooks in this man in his reflection, he slowly realizes that he is the reflection all along.
The actual man in the reflection is the one looking into this mirror and seeing himself as what he could be… Sounds extremely confusing, but it all comes together.
The basic message in this film will be to “Defeat all your enemies with success”.
I am currently looking for ONE MORE ACTOR AND ACTRESS looking to volunteer for this project and take on the supporting roles based on a true story.
It’s no pay just the kindness of your heart, but you will gain experience.
Please help me out as you will be very much appreciated.
This is indeed an autobiography about my life as a young teenager.
This short film deals a lot with self reflection and will be a release of one of the demons that has been bottled up inside me for a long time.
I feel that with this film it will not only heal me, but will teach everyone a valuable lesson about bullying and your destiny.
This film will also teach young troubled teens about not giving up hope and let them know that anything is possible if you continue being strong willed.
I am hoping to save a lot of lives with this film and give viewers an understanding of other alternative to dealing with these circumstances besides suicide.
I could really use your services for this project, it will be a tremendous amount of help.
This project is initially for a great cause and I am astounded that no buyer will pick this film up.
Although it’s difficult to pick this up with my own hands, I am managing and will continue to fight for this project because it needs to be heard.
This project is an adaption from the book I am currently self publishing.
The film will be based on the bullying aspects of the book.

Please take a look at a very very short snippet of what I intend to show with this film:

And take a look at the teaser trailer:

The roles I need to fill is:

1. FATHER- Very light Hispanic, heavy or medium built, ages 21 to 40 can apply, have some spanish accent (He is the father of the main character, is very destructive, abusive towards his wife, and denies his own kids)

2. DONNA- Caucasion, Blonde or Brunette hair (preferrably bangs), light built, ages 13-25 can apply, very friendly (She is the junior high school best friend of the main character and guides him at the most brutal times of his life, she is very friendly and loves him dearly)

Please reply if you are interested as I need you guys ASAP, thanks for your time and God bless.


City or Location of call: New York City
Please submit to: undrept_1@yahoo.com

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