Batman Fan Film Holding Auditions for Lead Roles in L.A.

By | November 5, 2014

Actors wanted for a Los Angeles based production filming a Batman fan film.

Location: los angeles,CA

Type: Film



BRUCE WAYNE: mid 20’s,Wayne is a billionaire industrialist whose parents were killed by a mugger when he was eight years old. Seeking an actor who could portray both radically different personalities of Bruce Wayne and batman. In the film batman year one Bruce Wayne is confused on what he has to do and the haunting of his parents death haunts him to the point where the nightmares cause him not to sleep.he hates crime and barely controls his anger when approached by criminals. In this reincarnation of batman he is raised by a used car parts salesman’s son named little Al and doesn’t travel the world for martial arts and doesn’t go back to his family fortune until batman was already created.

SELINA KYLE: early 20’s, Selina Kyle is a prostitute/ dominatrix who is tired of her current situation and plans to take what she wants. By the looks of her apartment she is highly addicted to cats and has knowledge of gymnastics and martial arts.

GORDON: early 30’s, James Gordon moves to Gotham with his wife, Anna, after a transfer from Chicago. He is an outcast at the GCPD because he does not agree to tag along with the corruption of the GCPD. In the story a heroic stunt makes him a public hero and a target of commissioner Loeb.

Batman Film auditions for lead roles

Detective Flass: mid 30’s,characterized as a corrupt detective in the GCPD and a former green beret and Gordon’s first introduction to the ugly reality of Gotham.

HOLLY ROBINSON: is a prostitute around the age of 14 and is selina’s best friend.

Little Al: 40’s, african american, bruce’s gaurdian

Officer Cambell: late 30’s , overweight

Commissioner Loeb: mid 40’s

Rest of the roles will be cast as extras.

Email me at and send a video audition and headshot.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: los angeles,CA
Please submit to: by 1995-10-03

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  1. Fish

    So is there no script for the audition?
    Should it be impromptu or just a monologue that fits the character?


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