Extras Needed on Ant-Man in Georgia

By | November 5, 2014

Marvel and Disney are teaming up for Ant-Man.

The fan favorite comic is now being made into a movie and filming is underway at Pinewood Studios. The wait for Ant-Man will soon be over as filming began a few months back in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The film will be using lots of paid movie extras and there is a new casting call out now for talent to work on scenes filming later this week and next. The production and it’s casting directors at NLC are seeking male prisoner types, softball players, and various other roles for extras which include waitresses, bartenders and spectators. Currently, they are only looking for people who have not yet worked on the film or what they call “new faces”.

The film has seen quite a few production delays but Marvel recently announced that the delays would not be affecting the film’s release date. Seems that the film will still be released on July 31st 2015. Edgar Wright was working on the film for years and then dropped out when the film was nearing production. The studio has since found a new director for the project. Peyton Reed is directing Ant-Man.


New casting call released for Marvel's Ant-Man

Here is the casting call – Keep in mind this does film in Atlanta and only locals will be considered.

NLC needs male softball players for Monday. Age 25-32. Marvelous movies need all sorts of people for that day….bartendars, waitresses, spectators. Please submit headshot and bodyshot to nlcampw2@gmail.com.

NLC is searching for males of hispanic descent to play the role of prisoners on Nov. 10. This will be shot in Atlanta. Please submit headshot AND bodyshop to nlcampw@gmail.com. NEW FACES.

NLC is in search of males to play prisoners. Must be available to work on Nov. 10. All Ethnicities, hardcore, scary dudes…Please submit a headshot AND a body shot along with name, age, height and weight to nlcampw2@gmail.com.NEW FACES PLEASE.

About the Ant-Man Film:

Paul Rudd has the lead role as Ant-Man / Scott Lang. In the comics, Scott Lang is a thief who steals some shrinking technology from scientist / inventor Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas.

In the comic book version of the story, Lang steals the incredible shrinking suit so he can go un-noticed during his heists. Not sure how close the film will stick to the comic version but the IMDB description of the film states… A scientist enlists a thief to safeguard his size-changing technology, and also to create a superhero who will defend the world.

Marvel Studios is producing the feature and Disney will be distributing.

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  1. Susan Hillegas Frazier

    I would love to be considered for Ant-Man, The Braves TV commercial, The Vampire Diaries, the movie Vacation and Resurrection.
    The last two movies I was MOCKINGJAY and the last one we just wrapped. I can’t say yet. Both are blockbusters. I would love to play someone with strength or military. The last two movies. I played the pretty people.


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