Cast and Crew Wanted for Indie Film in Milwaukee / Chicago Area

The Barlow House

Location: Between Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL

Type: Film

I am the founder of a small, independent entertainment company who has made quite a few short films, web series episodes and last year our first feature film which premiered in the biggest theater in Chicago in February. I am starting pre-production for my second feature length film, a good old fashion haunted house movie and we are looking for cast members, crew members, music people, and other various talented people who can help make this as scary as a movie as possible.

On the acting side, I am looking for people who have true passion to act. The people I cast have to be very believable. There is one male role and three female rolls. All of them are between the ages of 20 and 35. Guy 1 is kind of a cocky guy who is well versed in what he does, fearless, always open minded, a leader. Girl 1 is also very well versed in what she does. She is kind of a heart breaker. She is strong and confident. Girl 2 new to what she does and a bit overwhelmed at times. She does scare a bit easier then the rest of the team. Girl 3 is almost completely broken. She is a supporting role but its a very important part of the film. She has to be able to show extreme fear. All must be able to scream with fear. I am also looking to fill several other supporting roles, a father, a mother, an officer, and the home’s owner. The father and mother will require wearing heavy gore make up at points. Experience is not the important thing, its ability. I need people who perform. A lot of this film is in the performance and so many scary films fail because of bad performances. I want to make something that will really scare people when they see it.

As for crew, I need people to help me run things, set up shots and lighting, sound, make-up, people who can help run equipment and maximize each shot and each scene. The actors are only one part of the film, what we create with the set and how we show it is another. This is not a standard haunted house film. I don’t think there has been anything made quite like it. I like creating a think tank situation where everyone shares ideas and we can maximize what we are doing. I have the idea, but I need people who can help me bring it to the next level.

Another important thing to me is finding the right people that fit with our team, unique, creative people who want to work together and exchange ideas to make something everyone can be proud of and are drama free. We are not professional film makers, but every time I do something I get better and better and I have a plan with this project and if all is done right, it could be a great opportunity for all involved. We build a network and a resume. We are looking for local people, between Milwaukee area and Chicago area who are non-union. Lake / Kenosha / McHenry counties are the closest.

The film will be shot in Spring Grove, Illinois for the most part. There will be a handful of other locations, but 98% takes place at one location. I am getting this all together right now, I plan to have a read through the last week of August then start shooting that same week and plan to finish shooting by the end of September. The goal is to have the premier at a theater just before Halloween. I am getting my promotional campaign ready as well and we will be at Chicago Wizard World August 21-24 to start spreading the word, I am looking for a person or two to help promote there as well.

A bit about us, we have been working on smaller entertainment for a bit over five years now. We have improved every time we have made something new. We have been featured at several conventions from Chicago to Philadelphia and most recently Louisville. We have been involved in contests and featured on several websites, our last film is starting to pick up steam, its listed on IMDB and is available on Amazon and several other sites.

When responding, please include a resume if you have one, though if you don’t, just let us know if you haven’t acted before or what experience you may have. I would also ask for a head shot, if you don’t have one, just send us a photo or two. Please tell us what draws you to this project and a bit about yourself and what you would be looking to get out of this experience. If you have a video somewhere of something you have done, we would really appreciate a link.

If you are applying to be part of the crew, please share any experience you have and what you are looking to do. If you have music, please point us in the direction that we can see what you have, we are not using a lot of music, but we are looking for creepy music.

I have a very high bar for this project and an overall goal with it, it starts with building the right team now. The few people who are on board are amazing people and I want to add the right people to them. Please give us time to review your information and don’t be offended if we don’t get right back to you. We will look at every single submission and contact those who we feel would potentially best fit our cast and schedule. I will be doing auditions via video for the most part. If you can’t, I can arrange something else, but video is preferred.

Finally, I am listing this as no pay, but that isn’t entirely the case. I am setting a percentage of any profit aside to be divided between cast and crew based on time put into the project. The better we all do, the more we all talk and promote, the more we put into it, as a team, the more we could potentially make. More details about that if you are cast though.

Thanks for reading this. I look at Paranormal Activity and what they were able to do and I think I can do better with the right people. Is that you? Please submit by August 15, 2014.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Between Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL
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