Casting Call in DC Area for Roles in Film “Afraid of the Dark”

Variety of open roles available for “Afraid of the Dark”

Location: Washington, DC

Type: Film

Aaron Bradley: Ex-convict (Caucasian Male, 19-25), 5″7′ to 6 feet, Blond/Brunette, model type, good physical condition, athletic (martial arts or sports)

Daniel Ellis: Ex-convict (Caucasian Male, 30-39), 5″7′ to 6 feet, Brunette/black hair, rugged street type (street-slang vernacular), good physical condition, athletic

Monica Willock: (Black Female, 18-22), 5″2′-5″6′ attractive, innocent, well groomed, mother of racially mixed child, good physical condition

Mrs. Willock: (Black Female, 45-55) 5′-5″6′ attractive, some gray hair, beginning stage of dementia

Mr. Bradley: (Caucasian Male, 50-55) 5″7′-6′, gray hair, blue-collar worker

Mrs. Bradley: (Caucasian Female, 50’s) 5′-5″4, gray hair, physical condition–partial pelagic legs

Mr. Starks: (East Indian or Caucasian Male, 50’s) dark to black hair, well-groomed professional businessman type, average physical condition

Heather Starks: (East Indian or Caucasian Female, 20’s) attractive dark to black hair, well-groomed executive-in-training type, good physical condition

Older Man: (Caucasian Male, 50’s) Graying hair, well groomed gangster type businessman, average physical condition

Danilo: (Easter European Caucasian or Black Male 30’s) 5″7′ – 6′, dark or black hair, rugged physical condition, physically agile and confident

Jamie: (Black Male 20’s) auto mechanic, 5″7′ – 6′, works out in good physical condition

cast call for DC film "Afraid of the Dark"

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Washington, DC

Please submit to: by 2015-02-15

This casting notice was posted by: Vigilant Cinema Productions

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