Casting “Siren Song,” a short Halloween musical film in L.A.

Siren Song

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Type: Film

Casting “Siren Song,” a short Halloween musical film. Casting director states: “Will be shooting on a set of an A-list director’s upcoming movie for a chance to be seen and expanded into a feature film. Will run as a competing piece on YouTube and film festival circuit. A cursed love story.”

Husband: (Lead) strong actor who can carry a tune to play a wealthy, handsome, and honest man in the early 1900’s. You’re like Bruce Wayne without the Batman. You fall madly in love with a woman and will do anything for her. You have the ability to be stoic and sentimental and terrified. You would do anything to save the woman you love, including damn yourself to hell and pay the consequences. Your able to give a large range and be a sympathetic character, you understand the rules of subtlety but you can also go big and be confident and balsy. You can sing and be dark and brooding. You understand tone and can mold your character to the music and the environment.

PLEASE PREPARE 30-60 SECS ACAPELLA, preferably musical theater, leading male.

The foursome walks down the road, toward the city. Starla and Bill are in the lead.
She looks
BILL Hey, Starla.
at him.
Was always curious why you…
married Grant in the first place… Just never seemed outta love.
I know what people say, Bill.
I… Remember, back in high school I worked at my father’s gas station?
Bill nods.
Grant used to get filled up every
day. I knew it was just to see me.
Well, big ol’ Lincoln, sure. Guess
I would have flirted with him too. Starla smiles, thinks.
My father, he was — he was real
close to evil. People didn’t know. Still don’t. From the time I was a toddler he’d beat the hell out of me.
Starla looks at Bill, who seems struck.
When you wanted to run away, I
called your dad.
That wasn’t a good night, no.
BILL I’m sorry.
Starla shrugs it off.
Anyway, Grant rolls in one day. I
fill his tank with like an eighth– a–gallon as usual. And he notices my lip’s all swollen up.
He picked up a tire iron, walked straightaway into the garage, and beat my father half to death. You say it’s not about love, Bill.
But that was the closest thing to it I ever knew.
Heh. It ain’t as bad as it looks,
sugarplum. Dr. Carl was just here. I had a reaction to a bee sting. He gave me a prescription. Said I should be fine, in a couple days.
Starla stares at him, mute and horrified. ———————————————————–
Don’t look at me like that, baby. Please? I’m gonna go get my… prescription filled.
Grant grabs his keys off the dresser, puts them in his pocket, trying to pretend he doesn’t hurt.
STARLA I’ll get if for you.
No! No. Heh. I’ll be right back.
Starla sees the door on the rear of the house, leading to the backyard.
She arrives at it, and flings it open — Grant is there.
He lunges onto her. Starla SCREAMS and drops the cordless phone, just as it starts RINGING. Grant crawls on top of her body. Starla reaches for the ringing phone, but he pins her hands above her head. He looks into her eyes. He’s CRYING. His voice and breath are sick and raspy.
Why’d you betray me, sugarplum?!
STARLA Grant, no!
I loved you. I loved —
STARLA Grant, you’re sick!
Grant is about to cry.
I wanted you by my side, but you —
I can’t trust you now!
Starla’s WEEPING, confused. Grant rips his shirt open. Starla looks down to see the tubule protruding from the
now enormous yellow spore on Grant’s chest. The tubule feels over Starla’s blouse, and then slips beneath it. It starts to poke into her skin

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to: by 2014-09-23

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