Cleveland Ohio – Casting upcoming short film “The Silent Inferno”

The Silent Inferno

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Type: Film

Hey Guys,

I’m currently looking to cast several roles in my upcoming short film “The Silent Inferno”.

This project is in the vein of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. So yes, it’s a musical. I know, I just lost of a few of you because I said musical. Don’t worry, I’m looking for Actors first, singers second. Don’t count yourself out, just because you’re not that great of a singer. I figure, if Russell Crowe can do it… anyone can do it.

Aside from the character breakdowns… here is the most important piece of information.

This will be a video audition. Meaning, you have to send in a video of your audition to be considered for the role. This will be a two-week process, so you should have ample time to complete the task.

If you are interested, please shoot me an email and tell me which character you would like to audition for. At which time, I will send you the character side and all important information. Best of luck!!

The Project:

“A wannabe super hero, Silent Inferno, is thrust into the limelight when the city’s beloved hero is defeated by Malodor and his dastardly organization. Only problem is… Silent Inferno has no superpowers, crime fighting abilities and causes more harm than good. Does he stand a chance against Malodor and his T.I.T.S?”

Tristan – 28, affable, but it’s usually overshadowed by introvert ways. Cute in a goofy sort of way and persistent when it comes to doing what is right.

Delilah Storm – 28, mysterious by nature. Attractive, but not overly attractive and very strong willed. Despite all of that, she has a goofy side that she lets out every so often.

Charlie West – 27, female*despite her very male sounding name, she is a girl* cute. Equal parts tomboy and nerd. More likely to outplay on any next gen console, than talk about her feelings, but when she has to act/dress like a girl… wowza, she turns heads.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Cleveland, Ohio
Please submit to:

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  1. Dion Jackson

    My name is Dion Jackson.
    I’d like to audition for the part of Silent Inferno!
    Whatever is needed from me I’m willing to do and send in!
    Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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