Discovery Networks “Extreme Beauty Disasters” – UK

By | June 25, 2014


World renowned docu-series producers, Maverick TV, are now casting for a new medical makeover series.

Extreme Beauty Disasters, a medical makeover series on the Discovery Network is looking to hear from people who may have had a beauty treatment or plastic surgery go terribly wrong leaving you with disastrous results.

Maverick TV is currently casting for the new series.

Have you had disastrous plastic surgery? Maybe a beauty treatment that went wrong? Do you have a terrible trout pout or have you had a filler fiasco? Has a beautician blown your botox?

Do you need professional help fixing the problems?

Every year millions of women spend billions of dollars on beauty treatments; from waxing to tummy tucks. But what happens when surgeons botch boob jobs; beauticians blow Botox; and hairdressers bungle barnets?

Maybe the experts at Extreme Beauty Disasters can help?

Award winning beauty experts, plastic surgeons and skin doctors to the stars are waiting to hear your story.

Whatever your beauty disaster, our specialists are waiting to hear from you.

This is one beauty appointment you can’t afford to miss!

See the casting flyer below for information on how to send in your story and maybe get the help and treatments you may desperately need. Contact us now for a confidential and no obligation informal chat.

Discovey show extreme beauty disasters now casting

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