Castings and Auditions for Docu-series

Casting People Who Were Abandoned or Deserted By Their Spouse

Abandoned Marriage Location: Nationwide Audition / Call Type: Documentary Acclaimed television production company and a major cable network are currently seeking people who have been deserted/abandoned by their spouse to take part in a new documentary television series. -Did your spouse suddenly leave you and/or your family with no warning and no information as to… Read More »

Casting People for “My Family Voted for Trump” Documentary Project

Docu-series casting call for families that are divided by politics. Are you on one side of the political spectrum and your loved ones on the complete opposite? If so, producers Jordan Roberts, Michael Frick and Donna Smith, would like to hear all about your family and their opinions, as well as your own.  The documentary… Read More »

Documentary 36 Questions Casting Call Online / Los Angeles

36 Questions That Lead to Love Location: Los Angeles / Virtual Audition / Call Type: Documentary Want to find love and get paid doing it? Paid participants for a docu-style video series based on “The 36 Questions That Lead to Love” featured in the New York Times article. STILL SEEKING: Straight Men: Age 21-60,… Read More »

Casting Real People of All Ages for Docu-Series “Taking Stock” in NYC

taking Stock Location: New York, New York Audition / Call Type: Documentary Casting real people for “Taking Stock,” an observational documentary that will consist of short snippets from the lives of people aged 1-100. The film will consist of brief “interviews” with each subject, wherein they discuss the things they are most concerned about at… Read More »

Casting Parents with Kids in Los Angeles (LGBTQ+ and Conservative)

Jubilee Casting: Queer and Conservative Parents & Kids Show: Middle Ground Dates: December 3rd-4th (2-3 hours commitment) Location: Los Angeles Paid for time Apply via Airtable: Email me: Jubilee Casting: People with no tattoos and Tattoos Individuals Show: Odd One Out 6 Tattoo Individuals and 1 Fake Production: November 19th or 20th Location:… Read More »

Casting Multi-Generational Families for TV Series

NOW CASTING: MULTIGENERATIONAL FAMILIES for a groundbreaking, new docu-follow TV series! Is your family full of personality? Big characters? And opinions? We’re looking for large families including parents, teenage or older kids, aunts/uncles and grandparents that all live in the same vicinity. Blended families, remarried spouses, different ethnic or racial backgrounds, kids questioning their sexual… Read More »

sMothered – Is Your Girlfriend Really Close To Her Mom – Docu-Series Casting Nationwide

Is Your Wife/Girlfriend EXTREMELY CLOSE To Her Mother? Location: Nationwide Type: Docu-series Casting Incredibly Close-Knit Mother & Daughter Duos for the hit television series, “sMothered.” Do you think that your wife/girlfriend/partner’s relationship with her mother is extreme, unusual and closer than most mom’s and daughter’s? Does their relationship blur boundaries? Do you ever get upset… Read More »

Casting Call for Americans Living in Mexico (Baja California) for Docu-Series

Untitled US-Mexico Documentary Series Location: Baja California, Mexico Type: Docu-series Are you an American living in Mexico? Have you got a story to share about why you’re here? If so, we’d love to hear it! The Lift is a leading film production company based in Mexico City. We are currently casting a major documentary series… Read More »