Extras Casting Call For First Episode of Lee Daniels “Empire” in Chicago


The first episode of the new FOX TV series “Empire” is about to film in Chicago, IL

Joan Philo casting in Chicago is looking for locals to work as paid extras. The show’s casting directors are seeking to cast mom types, reporter types and crew types.

Lee Daniels (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “Precious”) and Danny Strong (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “Game Change”) are now beginning production of the Hip Hop drama, “Empire“. The new FOX series is described as a sexy and powerful drama about a family run hip hop Empire and the internal family struggle to control it.   “Empire” stars Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson and Gabourey Sidibe. Terrence Howard (“Hustle & Flow”) plays Lucious, a Hip Hop music mogul and the man at the helm of a record label. Lucious finds out that he may have a terminal illness that will make it impossible for him to run the business and begins trying to groom his successor. Lucious has three sons but he has concerns about any of them taking over.

Empire casting call for extras in Chicago

This is ONLY for extras or people who want to work as extras in the Chicago area. Please Do Not apply if you are not local.

For our first episode of “Empire” I am searching for moms (35 to 50, all ethnicities) to work as protestors. This will be a fun scene to act like you are protesting something.

This will be a one-day shoot. If you are interested please send a photograph dressed casual looking like a “mom” hair and makeup an every day sort of look. Send photographs to empireVIPS@gmail.com and put “Mom” in the subject line. I want a closeup photograph of your face (no hats, no sunglasses, no head shots, and no comp cards!) and a full length shot.

Now casting males and females to work as reporters, cameramen, and photographers. If you are a REAL PHOTOGRAPHER with your own camera, and REAL CAMERAMAN, and REPORTER types we have a press scene that I want to cast real types.

This will be a one-day shoot. If you are interested please send a photograph dressed in a business suit as a reporter, or casual as a cameraman, send a picture of yourself with your camera so we can show our director. Send photographs to empireVIPS@gmail.com and put “photographer” or “cameraman” or “reporter” in the subject line. Please list your experience.

All these photographs are submitted to our director.

Include your height, weight, age, and phone number.

Send in these photographs ASAP!

The series is also looking for club types:

If you want to be in our club scene you must take a new picture for me. This is a very particular show as far as the look, and to give you the best chance of being cast I need you to dress up in one of your club outfits. I need you to style your hair and put on makeup and jewelry and I need you to get someone to take your picture, full length and also closeup of your face. I need these pictures today! I have a meeting with Lee and I want to get you chosen for the club!

I am showing Lee Daniels every single picture for the club and I need to show him exactly what you look like so he can visualize you in his club.

There are opportunities to work multiple days in the club for our different episode. I just walked the stage where our crew has built the club and it is absolutely brilliant!

I need all your cool friends to send in. Send in today.

Send to empirevips@gmail.com and put “Club pictures from today” in the subject line. Include your height, weight, age, and phone number. Include any dance skills you have. If you can work multiple days let us know .

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  1. Paul Smithson

    Keep me informed of up and coming extras needed. Thank you Paul Smithson.

  2. barry carver

    I am looking forward to working with this company.


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