Feature Film shooting in Port Orange FL holding auditions for paid speaking roles

Defending Lizzie

Location: Port Orange FL

Type: Film

Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 22nd between 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
In the auditorium at the Port Orange Library. 1000 City Circle Port Orange FL. 32129

Defending Lizzie by Karen Poulsen – A movie with new insights on the life of Lizzie Borden, her family, friends and Fall River in 1892.

The case of Lizzie Borden has fascinated the American public for over a century. To this day, experts in law and history still disagree about what actually happened on that hot August morning in 1892 when her father and stepmother were found axed to death in their Massachusetts home.

Karen Poulsen takes a fresh look at Lizzie’s life in a new screenplay, based on the stage play with the same title of “Defending Lizzie.” This story is told historically accurate with approximately 25% artistic license taken. The screenplay expands the fourth dimension of the stage with additional scenes, characters and locations.

feature film now casting in Florida

Plot Outline
Lizzie’s diary is discovered in 1922 revealing an inside look at the Borden household in the years preceding the murders. Strange incidents occur, beginning with a theft in broad daylight, suspicions of poison and threats against Lizzie’s father. The suspense continues up to the end.

ANDREW BORDEN. Mid 70’s. Caucasian Male. Tall, thin, white hair, beard.

ABBY BORDEN. Mid 60’s. Caucasian Female. Short, Stout,

CAPTAIN DESMOND. Mid 40’s. Caucasian Male, Medium build.

LIZZIE BORDEN. Early 30’s. Caucasian Female, Dark Hair.

EMMA BORDEN. Early 40’s. Caucasian Female. Dark hair.

BRIDGET SULLIVAN. Mid 20’s. Caucasian Female. Irish,Tall, Dark hair.

CURTIS I. PIECE. Mid 30’s. Caucasian Male, Medium Build.

JACKSON JENNINGS. 40’s. Caucasian Male, Short.

DR. SEABURY BOWEN. Mid 60’s. Caucasian Male, Medium Build.

To download the Audition Form
Visit: atlproductions.net/ATLProductions/Casting.html

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Port Orange FL
Please submit to: abovetheline@cfl.rr.com by 2014-03-22

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