‘Game of Thrones’ casting call for babies in Ireland

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‘Game of Thrones’ is filming the 2015 season in Northern Ireland.

Casting directors for the show are looking to cast male babies around 5 months old and while they do not state the show’s name, it’s pretty safe to assume it is for ‘Game of Thrones’ since the show has been filming in that area for quite some time and the casting call comes from the extras casting directors for the hit series.

The new season of ‘Game of Thrones‘ will premiere in early 2015. There has been a good amount of information regarding what fans can expect from the new season. Recent casting calls point out that we may be seeing a lot more of the Martell / Sand family. The new characters joining ‘Game of Thrones’ will be Alexander Siddig  as Doran Martell, the lord of Dorne and older brother to Prince Oberyn Martell, Toby Sebastian as Trystane Martell,who is also engaged to Mycrella Baratheon, daughter of Cersei and Robert Baratheon (The role of Mycrella was also recast with a new actress, Nell Tiger Free). We will see the daughters of Prince Oberyn.  Jessica Henwick as Nymeria “Nym” Sand,  Rosabell Laurenti Sellers will be Tyene Sand and Keisha Castle-Hughes is Obara Sand. Also, DeObia Oparei will play one of the Martell’s guards.

The scene will shoot on the 8th of September in Northern Ireland.

Please only apply if you have a 5 month old baby and live in Northern Ireland.


We are looking for a male baby 5 months old for a popular TV Series filming in Northern Ireland.

PLEASE READ THIS POST IN FULL & IF APPLYING – DO SO BY WEDNESDAY 13th August 2014 @ 3PM. You must put ‘SEPTEMBER BABY’ in the subject line.

Current filming date(s): MONDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2014
This date(s) are very very likely to change, so we would like people to only apply if 100% flexible.

The baby & chaperone will be required for a maximum of 5 hours on this date(s), usually between the hours of 9AM & 4.30PM.

We are only looking for male babies with little to NO HAIR.

Casting call for 'Game of Thrones'

To apply email tanya@extrasni.com and include
– ‘SEPTEMBER BABY’ in the subject line
– Mum/Dad’s: phone number, location, & full legal name
– Baby’s: full legal name, age in months & weeks, gender, length in centimetres, and a clear and current photograph.
– Include any dates that baby is unavailable/any family holidays/ appointments, etc.
– Confirm that you are FLEXIBLE & fully available from now until mid November for this role.

– We require the chaperone to be the parental chaperone/ legal guardian.
– Chaperone must be able to drive & have own car
– Rates will be disclosed upon booking
– YOU MUST PUT ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IN THE ONE EMAIL – we get a very high volume of applicants so this point cannot be stressed enough
– ONLY the successful will be contacted

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