Lionsgate Feature Film “Insurgent” Featured Extras Call in Atlanta

Extras for “Insurgent”

The new Lionsgate feature film is seeking extras that have a wild look, such as dyed hair, Mohawks, tattoos, piercings, etc. Those selected will need to also attend a day of training. This is for a fight scene and the extras cast for the roles will portray a group of fighters.

The movie will begin production in the Atlanta area this month. Insurgent will be the sequel to the Divergent film that came out some months ago. The Divergent series is a trilogy with one more film that will follow and begin production next year, titled Allegiant.

Casting call for Insurgent extras

Extras casting directors at CL released the following:

MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIGHTERS, & ATHLETES WITH WILD LOOKS – Seeking males and females that have brightly colored hair, tattoo’s, face-piercings, unconventional hair styles such as mohawks. etc. Those selected will be a featured group of fighters on the feature film “Mineral”. IF SELECTED, MUST BE WILLING TO UNDERGO A BOOT CAMP May 12-May 16th with a NAVY SEAL. Got the right looks and training? Please submit 3 pictures, your height, weight, age, and phone number to

IF You fit the description & are interested but you do not have a “wild” look, we will be willing to consider you if you let us dye your hair, or change your looks temporarily for the film. PLEASE NOTE IN THE EMAIL IF YOU ARE WILLING TO LET US ALTER YOUR APPEARANCE FOR FILMING.

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  1. Asijah Fisher

    I have bright blue hair and one shaved side, I have several visible tattoos. (Neck, arms, hands) I also have face piercings.

    1. Areeba

      I have long hair, so I was wondering maybe it could be part of this acting role.

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