“Louder Than Bombs” starring Jesse Eisenberg Holding Online Auditions for Lead Roles

Auditions for teens – lead and supporting roles

A new feature film currently in development called “Louder Than Bombs” is holding an online casting call to fill 2 teen principal roles.

Those interested have a chance to apply online and audition tapes are being accepted through a website to be sent to the film’s casting directors for consideration.

Louder Than Bombs” will star Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Isabelle Huppert and Gabriel Byrne. Helming the project is writer / director Joachim Trier. Trier wrote the story about a famous photographer, played b Huppert, whose family discovers some secrets from her past after her death.

There are 2 roles open, both are teens. Available is the lead role of Conrad who is the son of Gabriel Byrne’s and Isabelle Huppert characters. He is also the younger brother to Jesse Eisenberg’s character. He is 15 years old a little awkward and combative at times.

Also, up for grabs is the role of Melanie. Melanie is also 15 years old and a very pretty and popular girl who goes to school with Conrad. She is not a great student as described as being out of Conrad’s league.

Louder Than Bombs” will be directed by Joachim Trier and will be filming in the New York City area later this year.

If interested, there is a deadline to submit which is July 22nd. The film is accepting online video auditions that will be self taped. Online casting is being done through the Cast It website.

Those interested can download the sides and follow the instructions here.  The deadline for submissions is July 22nd.

"Louder Than Bombs" holding online auditions for lead role

Available Roles:

14-16 to play 15, Caucasian. The son of Isabelle and Gene, younger brother of Jonah. Nerdy, insecure, pubescent and pensive. Has a mysterious quality about him, lonely and without friends. His exterior and interior dont necessarily match: awkward, combative and aloof, it is reasonable to suppose he could be a dangerous kid, but in fact he is genuine, surprisingly empathetic, an idealist – and even a romantic. LEAD.

Female, 14-16 to play 15, open ethnicity. A beautiful, popular girl from Conrad’s class. Completely out of Conrad’s league. Not the best student – often mispronouncing words and emphasizing the wrong parts of sentences. However, like Conrad, Melanie’s exterior and interior don’t necessarily match – we find she has a depth of feeling and understanding that we might not have first supposed. SUPPORTING.

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  1. Marcos Santiago

    Hi, my name is Marcos, I look 14 but I am 13 years old. I literaly am Conrad, just not the genius part. I’m not a genius but I’m smart. Please consider me for this role because I am perfect for it. I also live in Chicago, IL

  2. Mikah Erickson

    I am a 13 year old that has some of these same qualities to him, which makes me think I would be a perfect qualifier for this role!

  3. Julia scroggs

    115 lbs
    13 years old

  4. colleen cardinal

    5’2 brunette 14

  5. xxxxxxxx

    14, 4 ft 9, brunette.

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