Meg Ryan Feature Film “Ithaca” Taking Submissions for Speaking Roles

Virginia casting directors at Erica Arvold will be holding auditions for speaking roles for the new Meg Ryan film “Ithaca“.

Auditions for the speaking roles will be held next week on Monday, June 24th to Thursday, June 26th in Richmond, VA. Callbacks will be held the following day on Friday, June 27th in Richmond.

Ryan will be directing the upcoming film “Ithaca.” The film will be her directorial debut and will be executive produced by Tom Hanks (IMDB). The film will also star Melanie Griffith and Sam Shepard.  “Ithaca” will begin filming shortly in Virginia and has a 2015 release date. “Ithaca” is based on the 40’s novel “The Human Comedy,” written by Pulitizer Prize winning writer William Saroyan.

We are searching for regional actors for speaking roles in the feature film ITHACA, filming in Richmond, Virginia.

There will also be open auditions held for boys in Richmond, VA. See the bottom for more info.

Ithaca the movie holding a casting call for speaking roles

Arvold Casting is looking to fill the following speaking roles:

ULYSSES – Caucasian, Male, 4 years old. Homer’s little brother. Curious, fearless, a real character. Cute as can be.

BESS – Caucasian, Female, 17 years old. Homer’s sister is practical, wholesome and has the simple beauty of, for instance, Julie Harris in EAST OF EDEN.

BLACK MAN – African American, Male, 40-60 years old. The kind man who returns Ulysses’s greeting. He sings the chorus of the Kentucky State Song, “My Old Kentucky Home” (PD) and shouts to Ulysses.

MRS. SANDOVAL – Hispanic, Female, 40 years old. An Hispanic Venus of Willendorf – a Mexican earth-mother.

HUBERT ACKLEY III – Any ethnicity, Male, 14 years old. An impossibly perfect and well-groomed boy. Privileged and handsome and an all-around pain-in-the-ass upon first impression.

MRS. BROCKINGTON – Any ethnicity, Female, 50’s. The charming secretary of the Sunripe Raisin Association. She has worked for the company for 30 years and knew Spangler when he was a lad.

YOUNG WOMAN – Any ethnicity, Female, 20 years old. Mrs Beaufrere’s daughter. A daughter of privilege, possibly, rather charmingly, awkward-looking. Beauty is not her advantage. An earnest young woman.

MAN – Any ethnicity, Male, 30-40’s. A customer at Dolly Hawthorne’s, the local brothel house. This John could be an unhappy husband or a traveling salesman.

LIONEL – Any ethnicity, Male, 10 years old. A naive simpleton. The youngest of the old gang.

AUGGIE – Any ethnicity, Male, 11-13 years old. The newspaper boy who likely sneaks a cigarette or two in the course of a day.

ENOCH – Any ethnicity, Male, 11-13 years old.

SHAG – Any ethnicity, Male, 11-13 years old.

NICKIE – Any ethnicity, Male, 11-13 years old.

ALF – Any ethnicity, Male, 11-13 years old.

SOLDIER 1 & 2 – Any ethnicity, Male, early 20’s. Returning home from war.

*DOLLY HAWTHORNE – Caucasian, Female, Late 50’s-60’s. A hard, scary looking woman. Runs the local cathouse.

*YOUNG MARINE – Caucasian, Male, 20’s, A robust young PFC or CORPORAL who has paid Lily to have a drink with him. Volatile, Napolean complex

To submit for the roles please see this page.

The film will begin shooting ion mid July in the Richmond area.

The film has a good amount of speaking child roles and they will also need kids to play extras.

An open casting call for kids who want to work on “Ithaca” has been scheduled for the weekend.

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