“Monsters Out There” Film in Philly Seeks Principal Cast

Monsters Out There

Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Type: Film

Monsters Out There” is a short independent film seeking non-union actors. This is a non-paid gig as well. We will be filming in Collegeville, PA.
Auditions will be held in late August and shooting will begin in late September. The film synopsis and character descriptions are listed below.

If any interest please send your headshot and resume and the character you would like to audition for to czerpak@thatsmysandwichproductions.com

Film: synopsis
Calvin Callaway is a monster hunter…or so he says. After a few claims of monster attacks that went viral, Cal decided to cash in. He conned victim after victim (victims he would call “clients”) into thinking monsters were attacking them. Then he’d come in, save the day, record his fake adventures and upload them to his semi-famous web series, “Monsters Out There.” But when a real monster attacks the town, Cal realizes that some of his fake monster hunting wasn’t actually fake at all. Now everyone is turning to Cal to save the town.

CALVIN “CAL” CALLAWAY- Male Lead/ Age: Early 20’s
Occupation: Fake Monster Hunter
A young man whose greatest skill is exploitation. He’s no hero, always looking out for number one first, with the exception of his only friend, Aria. He has weak moral standards, but would never be classified as low class or immoral. He is also suave and awesome.

ARIA- Female Lead/ Age: Early 20’s
Occupation: Mechanic and Hand at Ed’s Garage
Aria is a young athletic woman, who hates her job, but she does what she needs to do to survive, so it’s no big deal. Of course, if she had a way out she would take it. She’s good friends with Cal, although she wouldn’t classify them as best friends (he might). But she trusts him enough to trust him, and also to yell at him.

GUY- Male/ Age: 25-35
Occupation: Unknown
Guy looks crazy, acts a little crazy and really likes Twinkies (that’s why he bought a year’s worth when they went out of business), but he has reason to act this way- an invisible monster has been attacking him daily, but no one believes him.

ED- Male/Age: 40-50
Occupation: Mechanic
Ed is a car mechanic. He owns a shop. He’s a swell guy.

PERCY- Female (smaller role around four lines)/ Age: 40’s
Percy witnesses a monster attack and interacts with Cal and Aria.

BIKER- Male (small role two lines)/ Age: 30-40
Biker gets attacked by the monster. He explains his story to Cal and Aria.

WOMAN- Female (small role two lines)/ Age: 40’s
Woman has a rough and angry personality. She is Guy’s neighbor and believes he is wrecking her lawn, when in reality it is the monster.

Again if any interest please send your headshot and resume and the character you would like to audition for to czerpak@thatsmysandwichproductions.com

Thank you!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Please submit to: czerpak@thatsmysandwichproductions.com by 2014-08-22

This casting notice was posted by: thatsmysandwich Productions

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