New NBC Show “Deserted” Casting Male Adventurers

New Reality show Deserted

Location: Nationwide

Type: Reality TV

Now Casting!! GUYS……….. Are you tired of the every day hustle and bustle? Tired of the same ol’ rat race? Then we want to hear from you! NBC is looking for males 21 and up for the new hit reality show ” Deserted”.

Today’s man has moved further away from the hunter / gatherer origins. Things like food and shelter are often taken for granted, but what would happen if the things taken for granted got stripped away?

A groundbreaking new NBC series is going to document how well 21st century men do without all those modern conveniences everyone is so used to.

Think you have the skills to survive in a remote environment? Are you up for the challenge and ready to find out? Apply today!

By the way, no actual survival experience is necessary but you must be at least 21 years old to apply.

If you think this is you or you know someone that might be interested then please email me. Thanks!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: see the casting flyer for submission information

This casting notice was posted by: NBC

NBC Deserted casting callNBC's new reality show "Deserted" now casting


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  1. Andy Maxey

    I am a 43 yr old man who lives his life on the edge, I love adventure and pride myself on being some what of a survivalist. I enjoy extreme sports and I have the lifestyle that would enable me to compete on your show.

  2. Michael testa

    Hi my name is mike , My jobs are father /carpenter. I live the everyday normal life, coach sports and run a cheer org for my daughters cheer team ( don’t ask how that happen) and would like to know how to apply for this casting call, thanks

    1. erica

      I belive you just need to email the shows producers / casting directors. The email address is on the flyer.

  3. Jamie "The Duke" Drake

    Hey, my Name is Jamie Drake also known as “Duke” from my strong country accent and my 6-2 255 pound frame. I am from Oklahoma and have a four year Degree in Organizational Security and Management. I have worked for the Departed of corrections, OK County Jail, and Private investigations. I have been happily married for 8 years and have three kids and now work as a contractor for the federal Government sitting at a desk eight hours a day. I live a normal life and would like an opportunity to become a member of the cast “Deserted.” My reason? My British Grandfather who I was extremely close to, was a prisoner of war and held by the Japanese for over a four years. He was beaten, starved, and watched many of his compatriots die within his island camp. He was apart of the building of the infamous “Death Railway” and the “Bridge Over Quay” and Lived! He did not talk much about this period, however after his death my mother had found letters tucked away in his bedroom that he had written while on train heading back to his homeland after his camps liberation. The Letters talked about the lose of friends, disease, starvation, and many other struggles he and others faced. I want to do this for my grandfather and feel the same experiences he had faced while in Thailand, Singapore, and other island nations while building the deadly railway. I feel it a great honor and would love the opportunity to dedicate this experience to my Granddad….I miss you Jack!

  4. Mar*Quee Mckinney

    I would love to audition and be apart of this show due to the fact I myself have went from being an outside daily exploring individual that would play all sports, hunt and pretty much be outside all day. To now just sit inside and web browse, be on social media and my cell phone all day. So yeah I would love to accept this challenge and get some excitement in my life. I rely to much on technology. If you are interested in me, I would love to audition and be a part of your show.

  5. Fredrick carman

    I have watched a lot of survival shows and think I could really own it out there

  6. Justin Figley

    Would love to try something like this and get an experience from it! Always wanted to try this kind of challenge!

  7. Ray Norcross

    Just a regular guy. Like to hunt when I get the chance, but that don’t happen often. I wouldn’t mind trying out

  8. Satadru Shiv Choudhary

    Hi I love adventure and I would love to be part of it and please let know how I can participate for the audition.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Satadru Choudhary

  9. Marc Martino

    Sounds like a great reality check!
    Every time I get something new or that makes a job a lot easier , dad says…
    I wonder how the Indians would have done this!
    This sounds like a great show

  10. Peter Clotten

    That’s me. Let me know how to proceed.


  11. Michael

    I love adventure. I love the woods. I love the premise of this show. Please contact me and let me know more about auditioning for this program.

  12. Bob Clark

    I am a firefighter and Fire Dispatcher from Eastern Washington State. I have previously participated in the Scott Firefighter Stair Climb in Seattle, WA where we climbed 69 stairs of stairs in the Columbia Tower in full bunker gear to raise money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. I would like to participate in the casting call for Deserted. Please contact me with how you would like me to proceed.


    Bob Clark

  13. Nico

    Hi there. It sounds like my kind of adventure. Would love to be part of it

  14. vinod dixit

    Hi this is vinod dixit. I have done two movies as a lead in bollywood and I wanna do this TV reality show. Please inform me how can I give my audition.

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