“NWA Straight Outta Compton” Boston Auditions


It seems that there are still two principal roles up for grabs in the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton”.

The Universal Pictures film has been on a nationwide talent search for the past few months and casting directors are still looking to fill the roles of Dr. Dre & Ice Cube.

Those who love in the New England area can schedule an audition. Apply ASAP if interested because they are only going to be holding auditions on the 28th, 29th and the 30th in Boston.

The film tells the true story of the rise and fall of the seminal gangster rap group N.W.A. and will be directed by F. Gary Gray.

The Boston / New England area auditions are part of the nationwide talent search. – Please only apply if you live in the New England area since auditions will be in Boston, in person.

The NWA movie is scheduled to begin filming in the Los Angeles area this summer. Looking for actors, or aspiring actors who can effectively act and portray these rap icons when they were part of N.W.A.

Think you look like the guys in the pic below? This may be your chance to land a principal role.

NWA Straight outta compton open casting auditions in Los Angeles


[ANDRE “DR. DRE” YOUNG] Late teens to late 20s. African American. A rare and gifted artist with an incredible ear, DRE has music in his soul. A brilliant DJ with a unique style of blending music and sounds, he is a musical prodigy. Savvy, smart and cool he is physically imposing and has a commanding presence. Focused on his music he is often laid back and easy going until something sets him off which can trigger immense anger. Born and raised in Compton.

[O’SHEA “ICE CUBE” JACKSON] Mid teens to late 20s. African American. Smart and well educated, CUBE is self-possessed and knows he’s good at what he does. From South LA, he is responsible for most of the lyrics of the early NWA songs. An articulate rapper with uncompromising, muscular, political raps that raise rap to an incredible new level and resonates with the not only black culture but with the entire culture that surrounds him, making NWA unstoppable. A political artist who says what needs to be said, he is prolific, outspoken, intelligent, and justifiably angry – these are all combinations, which make him to be perceived as a danger and a threat. Speaks for the voiceless, he is the Hip Hop Malcolm X.


To be considered for an audition for one of the above roles, please EMAIL us a recent PHOTO with WHICH rapper you’d like to be considered for, your AGE, your PHONE NUMBER, and WHY you would be a good choice for that role. If you are an actor, you should certainly include your headshot & resume also. We will contact those we are interested in auditioning with more details.


EMAIL WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE INFO. TO: NWABostonAuditions@gmail.com

Please just send ONE email, be sure you include all the info. requested BEFORE you hit SEND!

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