Ready to give up your town for a new adventure? Reality Show Casting

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New Reality Series now looking for people who want to move from where they currently live

The show is casting nationwide in the US!

Where do you think you think you can find your perfect life?

Seeking dynamic, outgoing characters (couples, singles, roommates, etc.) who’ve always wondered “what life could be like if they lived in a different city?”

Are you ready for an adventure? Fed up with your town? Frustrated with the hustle and bustle of the city? Bored of your sleepy community? Have an interesting story about why you need to get outta dodge? Or is it impossible to find love in your town? Maybe you’re looking for a better place to raise kids one day?

This brand new series will give you the chance to spend a few days in a new city and experience all it has to offer!

You might even get the chance to move to a new city! Your perfect life could be on the other side of the country – and we want to help you find out!

Email photos, your contact number and tell us why you need this adventure!

*Must be 18 and over and a United States citizen to apply. National Casting, out of the Country does NOT apply.

Casting call for adventure show

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  1. Benjamin Jenkins

    How do I submit my photos and everything to this Reality TV Casting post?

    Getting very frustrated that there seems to be no obvious link to the submission page.

    1. erica

      The submission info is on the graphic casting flyer, send your submission to the email listed.

  2. Matthew ousley

    Hi, I really don’t think this is real
    but I would love to participate in something like this
    I’m 20 years old, I have lived in Norfolk bum f**k VA all my life & I know I could make it big, if I lived some place like NY or LA where the entertainment biz is real & not just a dream.

    1. erica

      It’s real.

      The casting directors on that project cast major reality shows.

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