Reality Series ‘Cash in Your Life” Now Casting Families & Couples Nationwide

Have you always wanted to live a certain life but have never had the chance to do so?

A new reality series is doing just that – They are looking for couple or families who want to cash in their current life and exchange it for something new.

Tired of being in the same rut? Tired of your old job? Want to take a chance on trying something new? Here is your chance because reality TV casting powerhouse, Doron Ofir, may be looking for you. Whatever your dream may be, the show is ready to help you live it.

A new television series is seeking out couples and families for a chance to cash in their lives for a fresh start!

Have you always wondered, what if? What if you had followed your dreams? What if you no longer had the job you don’t love? Maybe your real calling is to open up a bed & breakfast, a boutique, or run a yacht charter.

Reality TV series 'Cash in Yoor Life" nopw casting families and couples

Whatever your dream may be, we are ready to pull out the stops, appraise your life, and offer you a check to cash in and start the life you have always wanted.

Doron Ofir Casting is on a nationwide search for couples that are tired of being in the same old rut, with the same old job and want to find out what their lives are really worth!

If you are finally ready to roll the dice and turn your fantasy into reality then apply now.

Will you Go Big or Stay Home? This can change your life forever!

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  1. Karen & Brian Dwyer

    We would like to audition for Cash in your life. We’ve been through Hell & back and still manage to make our life work but we could sure use a fast start. Please pick us! If you need crazy stories, we have them.

    Kind Regards, Karen Dwyer

  2. Christopher Molina

    Looking to be a part of the cast to change my life around. If there’s a time to change I hope that time would be now.

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