Reality TV: VH1 show – Need answers a DNA test may give?

Let VH1 Answer Your Family DNA Question on TV!

Location: New York

Type: Reality TV

Doron Ofir Casting, Robert Mazza Casting and Powderhouse Productions are searching nationwide for people with the most compelling stories who want to have their double-helix hunches answered for an all-new television series on a major cable network.
Do you need help unlocking the biggest mystery in your life? Put your most life-changing question to the ultimate test – DNA test!

• Do you have suspicions about your blood relation to a family member?
• Have you ever thought that maybe you were switched at birth?
• Did you ever think you look more like your father’s best friend than your own father?
• Are you suspicious that you might not be related to any of your relatives?
• Would you ever get a DNA test to prove your theory?

If you want to know who your parents are, who your siblings are or who you are, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

If you’re read to make your last strand, and are at least 18 years old, then we want to hear your story! If selected, your search for answers may finally come to an end with a trip to New York or a visit by our genetic team where you will participate in a DNA test and be compensated for your time in doing so.

We’ll finally unlock the answers and put your suspicions to rest.

Payment: Paid


City or Location of call: New York
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This casting notice was posted by: VH1/ Powderhouse Productions

4 thoughts on “Reality TV: VH1 show – Need answers a DNA test may give?”

  1. I’m pretty sure that my aunt is actually my grandmother and gave birth to my mom at a young age in the 50’s and they kept it a secret. My family is very stick Catholics so I believe my aunt got pregnant with my mom and was unmarried so my gram raised my mom as her own daughter instead of being her granddaughter. At first it was a running family joke but the more I look in to it the more I’m convinced it is true. Back in those days catholic unwed mother’s were sent away and some times family members raised the baby to avoid scandal. I have to know!

  2. I’m trying to find out if I’m the father of my daughter and see if I should have a different feeling til the mother of my child and trying to have a career in reality tv.

  3. Zachary M Pickens

    I came across your new project on people with an unknown DNA background and I think I’d be a perfect fit. I’ll start explaining from before I was born. My mother was with the father that raised me, Clarence, for 12 years trying to have a child with no luck. Then, for three months they split and my mother was with a full blood Italian, Charlie. They maintained a relationship for 3 months later to learn that Charlie was married with a family. This was when my mother decided to go back to Clarence to learn that she was pregnant, which she knows it wasn’t by Clarence, being that they had no luck for 12 years. Charlie and his wife then learn about my mother’s pregnancy and Charlie threatens to take her to court and make sure he has full custody of me, which he would have because he had a lot more money. My mom, desperate to keep me, then schemes a plan to tell his wife first that she did a DNA test and tells her I wasn’t Charlie’s son which was all a lie. Which this scheme worked and Charlie stopped contacting my mother ever since.

    Fast forward to my birth and Clarence, desperate to be a father takes me in as his son.

    Then, fast forward 2 years and my mother finally decides to leave Clarence for good because he was an alcoholic and she didn’t want that life for myself. Then when I was 4 years old, Clarence drives home drunk, gets in an accident and kills the person in the other car. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison which I’d visit him for those 4 years.

    Then, fast forward to when I was 12 years old for my mother to come out and tell me the truth about my past and DNA story. I was extremely intrigued and wanted to know who Charlie was but she didn’t want me to look for him until I was 18 so it wouldn’t get messy with my father who raised me, Clarence. Then, once I was 18 I was far too worried about graduating high school and moving to LA to find him. My father, Clarence still to this day doesn’t know I know about my real past and now reading this new project, this is the perfect excuse for me to uncover the truth to my past and DNA and finally learn why I am the way I am in my life and career, being my parents were never as driven or as business smart as I am.

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